Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday MONTH: Day 27 & 28

~ A beautiful heart full of charm ~

I received my heart from my "Mystery" partner...

Needless to say, there is no more mystery!  ;)

DSC_0125 (2)

Tracy Suzanne was my fabulous swap partner and she made me this BEAUTIFUL heart above.

It's SO me! I truly love it  :)

DSC_0144 (2)

Along with the heart came some fabulous handmade charms from artists who also participated in The Charming Heart Swap...

Sarah Huckman of Gypsy Mermaid Life

(our hostess)

DSC_0140 (2)

Robin Sanchez of Once Upon a Pink Moon

DSC_0133 (2)

Jan Fursdon of Fursdon House

DSC_0126 (2)

Sandy Navarro of SMN Designs

DSC_0128 (2)

Mercedes Scott of C.R.E.A.T.E.

DSC_0137 (2)

Lisa Hodge of Happily Scrappin' Today

DSC_0136 (2)

Debbie Hembree of Mosaic Magpie

DSC_0132 (2)

Zandra Cudney of Scraps to Beauty

DSC_0142 (2)

Sharon Starnes of Sun Moon Starnes

DSC_0138 (2)

Wendy Aspinal of  Bliss Angels

DSC_0129 (2)

Jody Jara of A Home and Heart

DSC_0141 (2)

Tracy Deloach of Cotton Pickin' Cute

DSC_0139 (2)

Molly Pearce of Material Gal Molly

DSC_0131 (2)

aren't they just wonderful??? 

I'm so happy to have a piece of each of their art  :)


In return~

This was the heart that I had made for Tracy...


DSC_0318 (2)


DSC_0327 (2)

and a charm that I made (out of a wooden ruler) for each one of the girls above...


DSC_0135 (2)


DSC_0134 (2)

This was such a fun swap and many THANKS goes to Sarah for all of her hard work in making it all happen :)))

DSC_0332 (2)

Thanks for including me girls!!! 


Sinta Renee said...

even though birthday month is almost over, I just wanted to stop by and send you wishes for a year ahead filled with blessings. xxoo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Those hearts are amazing and the! Such talented bloggers. Only a few more days of your Birthday month and you have celebrated in style!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

What a fun swap! Are you going to make a charm bracelet?


Pam @ Frippery said...

OOOOOHHHH Purdy!!!! What a great swap Jodie! I will be sad to see your special month end.

kana said...

Very pretty hearts and your ruler charms are great!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Honey ~ I was so glad to get you for my swap partner! Your heart and charm was just over the top in the cuteness factor. I love them! I'm so happy we were both a part of this swap.

Love and hugs...Tracy :)

Charlene said...

What a great swap that was! Sandy told me all about it. And speaking of Sandy... We had a blast! We shopped, talked, ate & laughed until we are broke, 10 pounds heavier & sad to be so far apart. I think all of us should live in one big fat art commune. Glad to see the birthday love is still in full swing! HUGS!

Lisa Phillippi said...

What a great swap! I love all your pretties! It makes me want to participate in a I hope she does it again... next year maybe!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

The heart you received from Tracy is very pretty, Jodie and the one you made for her is beautiful as well! What a sweet idea to swap charms between all participants. I still love your cutting a ruler idea so much :-).
Enjoy the rest of your BM!
Big HUGS to you girl,

A Cottage Muse said...

What a wonderful swap!! I need to get in on one of these one day. Love the little charms you made! Enjoy the last weekend of your month Jodie!!

Beth Leintz said...

Gee Jodie, your birthday month is almost over-what are you going to do in November?

Hope you keep on sharing your adventures with us- you are a girl that knows how to celebrate!

MosaicMagpie said...

Great Post on our swap. Your pillows are wonderful. Both the one you sent and the one you received.

mercedes said...

I've been away from home for 3 weeks, but last nite I arrived to find Sarah's package waiting for me... what a fabulous surprise! I absolutely LOVE your charm! Aren't these ladies ALL so very talented? Your hearts (both the received and the sent) are fabulous as well! Enjoy these special gifts on your B-day month... :) mercedes

Tamarah said...

What a sweet HEART Jodie....And the charms....Just GORGEOUS....!

I LOVE the heart & charms you made....CLEVER GIRL....!

I've never been involved in a swap before....They look like so much fun....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Payton said...

I love love love the ruler charm!!
If only I was HALF as creative as my auntie...