Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday MONTH: Day 23


DSC_0086 (2)

Every woman DREAMS of being pampered and spoiled for the day and I agree that every woman should treat themselves to such a often as they can.

As a woman, we hold MANY job titles all rolled into a daily 24-hour shift such as...

wife, mother, taxi driver, home accountant, maid service, nurse, chef, counselor, and we'd be here all day if I kept on but I'm sure you understand where I'm going with this...

You deserve to be pampered and spoiled!

DSC_0088 (2)

Me? deserve it? Not so much.

Okay...I do "deserve" it but...I'm NOT a "spa" kind of gal.

I NEVER get my nails done. I used to when I was in college and throughout my banking years, but that's been over a decade ago.

Presently working in our vehicle collision center...mixing paint, sanding cars and playing with paint thinner is not a great combination for acrylic nails and nail polish. Trust me! 

(No matter what you think, I do not just sit behind the desk and pretend I own the place!  ;)

oh. and I don't do feet either. I can't stand the sight of feet. Mine nor anyone else's. To me, flip flops are the devil as some people should just NOT wear them...I'm just sayin'.

To wrap it all up...I don't like anyone (that I don't know) touching me. Again...I'm just sayin'.

Besides ... the last time I had a body wrap, I left looking like this and I just don't think the "thin look" is right for me...ya think?

DSC_0095 (2)

Seriously...all jokes aside...we had a WONDERFUL day!!!!

Eight of us hometown girls left early this morning for a full day of facials, pedicures, body massages, and laughs!

DSC_0079 (2)

And let me not forget to mention we had fruit, chocolates, sandwiches, boudin and champagne!!!

{I learned how to pop the cork (the wrong way...oops!) and also learned how to make a Mimosa  (lots of champagne with little orange juice)}

DSC_0103 (2)

believe it or not...

This day wasn't about me nor my Birthday MONTH.

This day was to spoil all of the women who helped make our annual high school alumni co-ed softball tournament a tremendous success for the 4th year in a row!

DSC_0106 (2)

These women above are educators and nurses who devoted their time and talent to organize this sports event and certainly deserved to be pampered from head to toe.

Me deserve it? Not so much. 

They just let me drive them there, fix their drinks and hang out with them  ;)

While they were planning, organizing and sweating their patooties off at the end of August, I was playing in New Orleans and romping across the Southern states on a 10-day road trip, remember? It took me the whole month of September to post about it  ;)

I have to really point out here that this is the Queen that makes it all happen every year (with the help of her court, of course)...

DSC_0104 (2)

She got the full work-up from head to toe...

She hadn't painted her toes since high school...until today!!!!

DSC_0100 (2)

(i can't believe i'm posting feet on my blog...i'm not looking)


I'd post some CRAZY photos of the rest of the girls but I was sworn not to. I can't even post them on facebook.

I am a faithful friend ;)


DSC_0082 (2)

The moral of this post is plain and simple...

You deserve to take time for yourself (either alone or a fun day with girlfriends)

Pamper yourself.

Do something silly and laugh about it.

and most of all...

Do all of the above as often as you can!!!!



Linda said...

I love this post...just looks like a wonderful day!

Home and Heart said...

I LAUGHED so hard at this post!! I feel the SAME way about feet!! ICK!!! Shoes should have LAWS like seatbelts and prescriptions! Strange thing is, I LOVE baby feet! (I couldn't look at the feet either)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Jodie! I got my package yesterday (well almost 2 days ago now)from Sarah's Charming Heart Swap. And I'm over the moon about the heart you made!!!! It's just beautiful! I love, love, love the vintage look of it and yet just the perfect subtle bling to it! Can you tell I'm thrilled. And your Paris charm is just too cute. On top of that the bonjour tag is a special gift in it's self. After a year of seeing all y'alls creations you would think some of that creativity would've rubbed off on me or at least I could have learned a few tricks of the trade.

So does that mean you received my pillow? I hope you weren't too disappointed after all the work you did.

Have a wonderful fall Sunday. Hugs...Tracy :)

Lisa Phillippi said...

Sounds like a fabulous treat! I hope to make some time for some spa time soon...maybe even take my daughter!

The English Romantic said...

Hi Jodie,
I'm all worn out just reading about your birthday month so I'm sure you needed a chilled out day. So glad you had fun with those amazing ladies.
Hugs, Angela.

Lululiz said...

You are so right, we deserve to be pampered once in a while, even our FEET!!! Love the fun photos, you gals had such a lovely day together.

Vicki said...

Did I see a straw in that plastic pumpkin? Was that your mimosa?! lol So nice that these ladies worked so hard and could be convinced to take a day to de-stress. It can change your whole outlook on life just to take a moment for you. Hard to do sometimes but so important.

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh...I so need a spa day...after all this paintin'!!

Cooks ~ my drink of choice ~ and it does not have to be a special occasion!

My Birthday Month has been Wonderful ~ especially since I feel like I am enjoying yours too ~ isn't that what happens with twins!!

You better watch your mailbox too!

Twin Two

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I had the idea to make you a "feet" collage for Christmas and now I learn that you don't like feet. Bummer! Just kidding, ha, ha, ha! No matter if you helped a lot, just a bit or not at all with that softball tournament, you deserve a lovely day in the spa anyway, Jodie :-).
Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Those pampering days are just the best.... I love having a pedicure....and decided to on vacation a few weeks ago. Well, it seems Hubby loves them now too. A pampered man....good gravy.

Warm blessings,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to be pampered. It doesn't happen often but is so much fun. Glad you had a day with friends relaxing! said...

Hi Jodie - wow, everyone looks so refreshed and happy. What a wonderful thing to do.

I'm just sitting here listening to it rain, visiting some favorite blogs.

Hope your having a wonderful fall. Winter is in the air today. I'm trying to find my happy place to head into winter with. I'll re-arrance furniture, that always helps.

come visit

Tamarah said...

MY HEAVENS Jodie....I have the EXACT same foot....'feelings' for want of a better word....I think they are TOTALLY hideous but even so I do understand the ramifications of trying to walk on the stumps at the end of our legs without them....hahahahaha....!

I'm GLAD you were able to spoil yourself at the spa....Even though you don't think you 'deserve much'....And what a WONDERFUL way for these hard working ladies to wind down after all their hard work....!!

Tamarah :o)

Payton said...

The skeleton made me laughhh. You're hilarious!!