Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday MONTH: Day 21

While walking around the Antique Fair the other day,

I stop cold in my tracks and say...

"Oh my gosh...I LOVE this!"


With a crinkle in her nose, she says...

"Ewww Jodie,

What would you do with THAT old thing?"

I giggled, looked at the price tag (& cringed) and told her...

"Oh, I don't know...

I just have a "thing" for everything vintage."


She shrugged her shoulders and we both walked off without looking back, never giving it another thought.

After all, I'm used to finding the majority of my treasures at garage sales. It's hard for me to pay a dealer's price on anything (unless I just "have" to have it).

You gotta love this story:

So a week or two passes by and I'm at work.

(really! I swear!!! I was at work!!!!)

I get a surprise visit from my little Antique Fair shopping friend.

She unloads something from the back of her SUV and my eyes focus on the prize. 

My heart just melts!

DSC_0026 (2)

I squeal (rather loudly)...

ME:  "Where did you get that?"

(I'm walking toward her with my mouth wide open)

HER:  "My attic."

(she's huffing & puffing 'cause it's super heavy)

ME: "I'm SO jealous girl, I LOVE IT!"

(My eyes are squinting, I'm secretly green with envy)

HER: "It's for YOU! Happy Birthday Jodie!!!"

(I feel like a fart for being so jealous)

ME & HER:  Big Big Hug Fest!!!!


The Man is looking at us like we're crazy.

Then, the "mechanic" in him kicks in and he plugs it in to see if it works. Of course it did, what was he thinking? Typical Man!

Besides, who cared if it worked? Not me!

It working was just a bonus!!!

It's a show piece!!!! Don't you think???

But that's not all...

She brought me a little wrapped present too!

(this was the photo from my fonky little camera at WORK so you know I'm not lying!)


pam (3)

I just can't believe some of you think I don't work! hahaha!

Inside the pretty wrapping was this...

DSC_0031 (2)

A beautiful glass Christmas ornament with my initial "J"!!!

I love it!!!!

I'm not going to decorate for the Fall season this year (I'm sad-sad) but I will start decorating for Christmas VERY soon.

My home was selected for my little town's "Christmas Tour of Homes" this year so this little glass ornament will certainly have a special spot!!!

Even though I'm not decorating for Thanksgiving, the thought of giving Thanks is certainly NOT forgotten!!!

The "she" that spoiled me with these goodies above is my little hometown friend Pam (who has no blog, shame-shame) who is so creative and so talented and has the coolest studio EV-AH!

One day, I'm going to sneak my camera in there and write a post just about her studio.

Then, while she's not looking, I think I might even sneak into her attic and see what else she's hiding in there!! Are you with me?

Isn't that hunk of a cast iron metal 1949 oscillating fan that blows air so quietly just the BOMB?



Olive Cooper said...

That is an awesome fan. So now you need two more cause three together will look even more graphic and vintage. hugs♥olive

Karen Valentine said...

Yes!!! Definitely da BOMB!!!! What an awesome present!!! (Will you share your friends with me??? tee hee....)

Jane said...

Jodie, you have some great friends who really understand what you love. The fan is beautiful. I have a thing for old fans too. A black one is in my home office on top of a bookcase, a cream one is in my guest bedroom, and a turquoise one is currently sitting in the basement because it doesn't have a home (yet). The turquoise color was so pretty I just couldn't pass it up!
Jane said...

I love the look of old fans sitting around. One friend of mine is a collector and has about a dozen in her living room. They are really "cool".

Just watch out for your fingers if you turn it on!!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

yep....we is twins. I have always wanted an old fan and I don't care at all if it works! Another wonderful birthday gift! Yea for you girl!!

Beth Leintz said...

The industrial look of old fans is great and I love that Emerson logo- what a great bonus that it works!

Suz said...

Yes, girlie, it is a stunner!!!!

clustres said...

Always loved old fans! Great one!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Now I'm jealous, Jodie! That fan is just awesome! I'll be for sure with you when you sneak into Pam's attic :-). Who knows what other treasures can be found there. What a great gift and such a sweet story!
Sleep well and have some wonderful "vintage" dreams!
Big HUGS to you,

Lisa Phillippi said...

So cool! I remeber my grandmother had one just like that! I Sooo wish I could come for the Christmas Tour of Homes...I sure hope you post pics when it's all decked out!

Anonymous said...

How sweeeeeeeeet, Jodie!!! I absolutely loved the "J" ornament, and the fan is soooo nostalgic!!! Now, the "only" problem is that "if" Pam showed up while you were at "work", it must have been the "ONLY" day you worked this month, because ALL you do is travel!!! (I'm DEFINITELY going to have a talk with "da Man"!!!) Oh...and Happy Birthday Month AGAIN, lil (old lady) Sista! lol!
Luv ya,


The English Romantic said...

Hi Jodie,
Now just sit by that fan and cool off nfter so much excitement!!!
Can't wait to see your Christmas home.

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Awesome fan Jodie - what a great gift. It´s perfect.
xo Tina

Lululiz said...

I can understand why you went so nuts over that fan, it is FABULOUS!!!! What a grand old piece.

A Cottage Muse said...

Love it you brat!!

I just picked up a little one the other day for my booth but I just might keep it!!

Robin said...

What great gifts! I too had to have one of those old metal fans and happened upon one last year at a garage sale. They are awesome looking!!


Gracie's Cottage said...

Bet you were just "blown away" by that gift! Your "fans" out here are jealous!


red.neck chic said...

I'm SWOONING!!! Seriously - I want that. LOLOL

;-D xoxo

Vicki said...

How sweet of her! The whole time I was reading this post I kept thinking...what else is in that attic if this baby is up there?! works! Enjoy it!

Lucy - By the Hill said...

hey jodie!...thanks for lookin' at my finds and commenting. You have got to look at this post:
By the Hill: Garage Sale Treasures to show you
and see the awesome fan I got at the one of those 2 great sales I hit. It is aqua..50's me thinks!
Scroll down through the pics of the finds, it's one of the last ones.
GREAT fan and Happy Birthday 31 times to you!

vintagesusie & wings said...

What a FABULOUS friend & what a FABULOUS gift!!! I LOVE it, but I adore old fans & your right, when they work, that's just a huge bonus!
How exciting your house is going to be on the Christmas home tour, it must be magnificent friend. i would love to see it, but i know you'll bring me along through all your gorgeous photos you'll share on your bloggy home.
Happy Birthday Month Sweet Jodie,
Big Hugs,

Leanne said...

lovely fan :) just love that old style.

Thank you for the jam! It arrived safely.

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, Jodie...just saw the message you left on my post yesterday...really made my morning. Thank-you! You're so thoughtful with your words.

On another note--I LOVE that fan! Whenever I see one like that, I want it SO BAD! You are one lucky birthday girl!

Can't wait to see your halls all decked for Christmas! What a treat that will be!

Thanks again, my friend...hope your day is wonderful.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my....what a lucky chickie you are.... I want to go clean out HER attic. :-)

Warm blessings,

Tamarah said...

WOW Jodie....This is an AWESOME fan & how SWEET was your LOVELY Friend to bestowe it upon you....LUCKY YOU....!!

Not that you need one but if you're looking for one, I think your LOVELY glass 'J' ornament is the PERFECT excuse is to start decorating for Christmas....hahahaha....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Payton said...

Surprises like that are just the BEST!!
And CONGRATULATIONS on your house being selected!! (I think I told you, but I don't remember.haha)