Monday, June 14, 2010

Am I Running or am I Standing Still???

The answer is...BOTH!


The title of this post was inspired by my sweet Lili M. who sent me a comment today wondering if I was okay. It was her rendition of a funny Dutch proverb but it's OH SO TRUE!!!!

{I JUST LOVE YOU Lili!} and yes...I am okay...thank you!   :)

I have been on VACATION for the past week...

I just returned from the fabulous white beaches of the Gulf Coast.

I shared toes in the sand with some of my favorite hometown girls and a weekend of fun and unforgettable memories!

We stayed at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama.

It was a magnificent condo...totally 5 star in my book!


Every year, us girls get together and take a vacation "somewhere". We've been on Caribbean cruises, to awesome casinos, to the beaches and we never fail to have so much fun together!!!

They call themselves the "Grey Goose Girls" aka The GG's (because of the love of vodka)...(or sometimes...not so much!) hahaha

They adopted me almost 4 years ago.

I am the "Baby Goose" as they are nine years older than me. Don't let that number fool you...I can't keep up with them, trust me!

Because I am sworn to GG secrecy, I cannot divulge any details of any of our times just gotta believe me ;)

Anyway...back to the trip...The Caribe Resort was awesome!

The good news is...basically, we had the whole place to ourselves. 

The bad news is...many people canceled vacations due to the oil.


The hotel bay side pier should have been FULL of boats during this time of summer, but was empty.

Below is a photo of the lazy river 7 floors beneath our balcony.

As you can see, our towels and floaties were the only ones out there waiting for us to come down and make a splash.


One of the eight pools on site was waiting and ready for us to jump in...


AND get the sunburn of my LIFE!

Whoever thinks that C*PP*RTONE sport continuous spray, water poof, sweat resistant, SPF 100 works... I am living proof that it DOES NOT!!!! For 24 hours after my FIRST (& only) 5 hours of water fun, I smelled like a fried pork chop and was forced to wear a long sleeve t-shirt and crops for the rest of the trip.

But I still had FUN!   :))))

Because I am always behind the camera...there are no photos of me with my burnt self. Again, you just have to trust me. my husband for living proof that no one can come within 3 feet of me or I'll scream with the fear of being touched!  ;)

I have to tell you though, he was such a sweetie upon my return home. He cooked my favorite meal (spaghetti) and had a garden tub filled with epsom salt waiting for me.

He's a keeper :)

My body is feeling so much better by the minute :)))

DSC_0045 (2)

What is it with me and my ADD? I keep getting off track...sorry ;)

I'm sure you want to see what's happening with the oil spill on the Gulf Coast right?

Like besides what you see on CNN, right?

Well to be honest, I'm going to keep it real here.

Being that we are from Louisiana and we see (& feel) the devastation that the oil spill is leaving upon our state, we were determined not to cancel our Gulf Coast trip no matter if the beaches were already closed by the time we arrived.

We were going to continue to help our neighboring states by giving them our business in this desperate time of crisis.

And we did.


With a rented 10 passenger Ford van, we shopped from Mobile to Gulf Shores and partied at the Flora-Bama.

We ate at local restaurants who took the time to thank us for our support and we shopped local grocers to stock our condo with food, liquor & personal items.

I walked behind the girls as they were looking around in awe as there were no huge crowds, not even half of what is normally here this time of year...

DSC_0008 (2)

With heavy hearts, we saw these things that reminded us of disaster every where we turned...

BP Claims CentersDSC_0034 (2)

Temporary tents being set up for disaster planning

DSC_0040 (2)

Convoys of relief workers being bused in to help

DSC_0033 (2)

Boats laying out hundreds of thousands of yards of boom

DSC_0051 (2)

Hardly no traffic


Empty beaches


And finally, signs of oil all along the coast line, even in spite of all preparation and prayers...

DSC_0081 (2)

It had arrived to the beautiful white beaches of our neighboring states on the beloved Gulf Coast...

DSC_0079 (2)

Red flag beaches...

DSC_0101 (2)


I'm not sure about the other girls, but I really appreciated that one last walk on the beach with them.


I appreciated that one last photo of our toes in the white sand even if it didn't include Cindy as she couldn't bear to see "her" beach any other way than the way she's always wanted to remember it.

We DID make the best of our time together with the oil behind us...

DSC_0087 (2)

But it was devastating for me to see this bird in flight, knowing that it doesn't even know of the disaster that's right in front of it...

DSC_0092 (2)

But in all reality...we really don't know it yet either,

do we?

I returned home to be wonderfully greeted with over 200 emails and comments...thank you for thinking of me! :))))

I WILL read and respond to each and every one of you even though it may take me SEVERAL days ... I promise I will!

I have to catch up at work, catch up on clothes, show hubby and the dog some love (from three feet away) and keep myself slathered in lotion for a few more days!

I'm just so excited that I don't smell like a fried pork chop anymore and my purple-ness is now a cooler shade of red! haha

I'll be back on here on Saturday for Karen's Blog Party...I'll see you then  :)


Karen said...

Missed you!
It is so sad . . . did you read about Kevin Costner? He has a machine he had invented . . . I think it sounds hopeful . . . BP is looking into it. FINGERS CROSSED!
I'm sorry you got sunburned. I know how careful you are.
OK, tomorrow I am mailing your swap - ready or not!!!
:) HUGS! Karen

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Sad to see what the oil is doing to our coast and our neighbors coasts too. Glad that ya'll had a fun time though. I feel for you with the sunburn. I put on 50 sunburn screen and forgot my shoulders last Sunday and have peeled in the same place for the third time. I haven't been back in the pool since then. Good thing we have had afternoon storms. I am going to slather on the sunscreen again sometime this week and brave it again. Hope you turn a nice brown and that no one touches you until your skin calms down. Have a great week.


Linda said...

So sorry you got sunburned! I am glad you had fun and so happy you supported the beaches of our area. It breaks my heart to see what is happening.

vintage girl at heart said...

I am so proud of you and the GG girls for keeping your reservations and helping keep the economy going in the GC!!! So many are cancelling when there is still so much there to do!!! I feel sick when I see the news and when bloggers post about canceling and going elsewhere!!
Okay I will get off of my soapbox now but I am happy to see you back and that group of girls looks funola!!!
Where ya goin' next?? Texas maybe???

Debra@Common Ground said...

So glad you had a wonderful trip, and good for all you gals that you stayed with your plans to support all who really do need our help.
Take care of those cute pork chops!

The French Bear said...

Oh I am so glad you had a wonderful time except for the rotten BP oil tragedy.....very disturbing. Looks like everyone had fun and I can't wait to hear more!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

I just emailed you to see if u were still alive hehe ;)
so glad you had fun with the ggs
it's so sad about all of the oil never going to be the same but hopfully a mirical will happen and god will make our beaches and marshlands normal again. Eeeekkkk to the sunburn at least you will be tan?! At pc hopefully get some aloe or solican I think that's how you spell it it's n a green can! But anywho off to visit lala land so i can clean my hellaish studio tomorrow to get ready for the blog party with Karen!! Wanna come help then we can do your room hehe big hugs missed you tons and tons
toodles- Sarah

Wizard of Was said...

All I can say is "I love you girl!"
Your post was just beautifuly put. Keep slathering that lotion!

A Vintage Chic said...

SO glad you had a good time, Jodie! Heartbreaking, though, about the oil...good to hear your point of view.

Hope you feel back to yourself soon--sunburn's are the worst!

Have a wonderful night!


Linda Robinson said...

I have to give you girls a big cheer for not canceling you vacation! That is real support. It is so so sad to see all the devastation down there. On a lighter note girlfriend I am just like you. I get burned even if I have 100 spf on. It is no fun!
All I can say now is I love big Hats,and long sleeves.

It sound like you guy had a good time! and what could be better than a girl weekend!

Hugs, Linda

Pierelantijntjes said...

Hello Jodie,
I'm glad you are ok. I love your post, and I can imagine how you feel after the sunburning. It's so good to have friends, who you can share such fun with. But is's so sad to read about the oil. What a disaster. For everyone! I hope and pray fot a miracle.
Wish you all the best.
Hugs from Ester

LiLi M. said...

Good to hear that you are alive and running eh kicking! Great that you and your friends kept supporting local economies at the GC. It must be an enormous disaster, the real size of it is yet to be discovered.
I once used a sun tan protector with a 50 SPF and I didn't get tanned at all. Nothing! I looked like I spent the last 14 days in a closet. Mmm but at least it didn't hurt. Feeling sorry for you, but with a bit of envy reading about how your husband welcomed you back!
Have a great day Jodie!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jodie...welcome home! Glad you had fun with the GGs! I think I would have kept my vacation lans too if our beautiful beaches on Cape Cod were threatened too. Thanks for the photos...keeps it real and not just on TV.

Debby said...

Hey girl, good to hear from you and I missed you. Sounds like you had another fabulous getaway. I am so saddened by the oil disaster as you know, it gets more frustrating everyday. I so love that you decided not to change your plans and support the locals, so sad to see the beaches and hotels empty.
See you Saturday!!!! Can hardly wait.

Theresa said...

Oh sweetie, I KNOW you girls had a wonderful time! I am happy that you all went and gave the coast some sweet smiles and your business! I love seeing all the pictures of you ladies gathered having fun! Enjoy your welcome home, keep yourself lathered up and have yourself a happy day!

Love you! T

Anonymous said...

Jodie...I miSSed you!!!!
Hats oFF to your group for suPPorting your state...but I goTTa teLL you ~ after aLL I watch on CNN, your first hand aCCount brought me to tears...especiaLLy the birds...I am overcome with grief when I sEE those black oil slicked creatures on tv...
When wiLL it aLL stop???
So sad :(

Tarnished and Tarnished said...

I can't even be a smart A## for the first time ever on your blog, because I've got tears running down my cheeks. To see those white beaches & think my babies may never see the magnificence hurts me. Before I even had kids I dreamed of the day I would take them to Destin, Gulf Shores or where ever & watch them dig in the sand & play in the waves like I did. How many trips have I taken with friends & family to the coast over the years? My senior trip, 10 days of craziness is one that I'll never forget. It truly gave me chills to see the pic with the empty pool. Girl, you really brought the disaster home for us, thank you to you & your GG girls for supporting them like that. You are one in a million. Gotta go explain to the kids why Mommy is sad. Love ya, see ya soon. Lisa

Linda said...

I'm glad you're back and it's wonderful to read about your trip. The photos are fantastic!! Do you know that I never wear sunscreen? I know, I know.... but I'm brown because I'm constantly outside and get it gradually. Glad you're healing from your sunburn - I've had far too many over the years, and only since we've had our pool, where it doesn't really happen to me anymore.

I really, REALLY, appreciated your honesty in sharing about the oil spill - as yes, I've been so curious as to what's really happening. It's heartbreaking. I love the Gulf coast, and share similar feelings. I really have no words for how devastating this is.

Love, Linda♥

Julie Ann said...

Hi Jodie!!!! It looks like you had such a fun trip!! So sorry you got sunburned! Think you'll ever eat pork chops again? hehe :) The BP news is still heartbreaking and I think of you whenever they mention LA. I've never been to the Gulf and worry that so much of the ocean will be ruined for so long, I'll never get to experience it as it once was... Anyway, are you all ready for Paper Cowgirl?!?!?! My great friend, Jan Thomason (, will be attending and I hope you two run across each other!! *Love & Hugs!*

red.neck chic said...

Well what the heck is wrong with fried pork chop? geesh... don't you know that you just have to throw in some cinnamon apples and it's the most delicious? And... better fried pork chop than fried catfish, right?!

It sounds to me like you had some fun - and I love how you have kept it real and said how it was as well as showing. I think all of it is so heartbreaking. Gorgeous photos, pork chop!!! hee-hee


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

It is so sad to see both the devastation and the effect on the local economy. But it sounds like you all had a great time! Welcome home!

La Dolfina said...

So good of you all to keep your vaca plans and carry on despite the sadness in the Gulf Coast. I'm sure the sight of all you lovely ladies did a world of good to the locals who are living and dealing with this crisis daily. Welcome home!!! So glad you had this time together with the GG Girls!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Jodie, I am so glad that you were able to have your annual trip with the girls. It is so sad to see the toll that the oil spill has taken on all the surrounding Gulf states. I don't even know why we say it's a spill. It is a major disaster than none of us can even truly comprehend. Just the thought of all that oil gushing into the sea is just mind boggling and disgusting. So sorry to hear about your sunburn. I've had that purple kinda burn before and it is NOOOOOOO fun at all. I will never, ever do that again. In fact, my body is rather sunphobic now. I break out in an itchy scabby rash if I stay out in the sun, so I just don't even do it anymore. Glad to hear you are back home, getting caught up. Goodness gracious girl -- not much longer and you'll be off on your Cowgirl adventure. Best wishes to you! Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

It's really wonderful that you girls went on that vacation and supported the businesses at the coast. What a shame that almost everyone else had cancelled their trips. I feel so sorry for everyone in that area who is depending on tourism and it also always makes me so sad and angry to see all the animals die.
I'm sorry that you got such a bad sunburn, Jodie! Good thing that I still can hug you virtually without hurting you :-). So, here comes a real BIG hug. Hopefully you will feel better soon!
Have a great afternoon!

virginiasvignettes said...

Hi Jodie!...And Welcome back from what looks like a graet vaca!...What happens with the girls ,stays with the girls!...LOL.I always enjoy your pics,even with the impending doom upon us...(boy that was heavy)caring minds think alike,I just did a post about my concerns with the Gulf also...I sure could use your help with pics though!!lol, from a n'newbie'....:)~~~virginia

Honey Lamb and I said...

The grey goose gals sound like a blast. Thanks for showing us how everything is running down there. I will keep praying that it does not get any worse. I miss you my sweet friend:) ~Shelley

Lori said...

Jodie, the grey goose girls sound like a hoot...i bet you have a blast on your vacations with them...good for all of you for not canceling your vacation plans...and for supporting the local businesses there that have to be hurting like crazy right now...what a tragedy you have unfolding down there...i hope your sunburn is feeling better soon...ouch!!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Glad you had a great time and kept your plans. So very sad too see such beautiful shoreline being devastated. I can't imagine what this is doing to the economy of the tourist industry in those beach towns. I hope you are cooling off some. Aren't you home just long enough to turn around and leave for Paper Cowgirl? Sandy and I have our plane reservations for August. I cannot wait to get together! Hey, Joe just told me your number is on our caller ID. Shoot, I am typing away when I could be talking in person.

sissie said...

Wow, your post today kinda brings it home to the rest of us who can only imagine the devastation.

I am glad that you had time with your girlfriends.


summersundays-jw said...

The oil makes me so sad. We've always loved Gulf Shores and are so sorry to see what's happening to all those beautiful Gulf beaches. Glad you got to go there & hopefully, you'll get to go again soon & it will still be gorgeous. We missed you. Jan

Sandy Navarro said...

Hey Jodie,
I thinks it's wonderful that the GG girls stuck to their guns and helped support the devasted businesses on the Gulf and managed to have a great time as well. The situation is heartbreaking.

Now, I'm gonna share my sunburn story and leave ya laughing you a### off! The last time DH & I went to Cancun (my fave vacation destination), I had the brilliant idea to take advantage of the free windsurfing lessons from the hotel (& I use this term VERY loosly, but that's another story). Lessons started at 10am when the sun is at its absolute hottest. I slathered waterproof 45spf on my totally white girl body and proceeded to stand in waist-deep water for about an hour. Then it was time to get up on this thing & take her for a spin. I was quite good at it and was out there for another hour. Then we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. When the shower hit my skin I just about died! From my hips to the tops of my feet, I was flaming! DH had to go to the "pharmacia" to get me 10% hydrocortisone! Thank goodness I had brought a long flowy silk dress to cover my flamers! But, it felt like knives were cutting them all night long. Moral of this story, waterproof or not, REAPPLY, REAPPLY, REAPPLY!!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a heartspoken post Jodie, I am so glad you all still went and enjoyed yourselves... what a fun group of you! I am so sad to see the devastated coast lines... and am praying.


Katsui Jewelry said...

The Gulf Coast is one of the few places I have visited in the South, thanks to our Alabama friend, Brooks, who has been up here for forty years now! I loved it. He is grieving. I was so sad I didn't realize it before he told me. His family has had a place there forever and he feels the loss like someone died. It is almost like someone did, isn't it? Certainly memories, animals, beauty, innocence...and I am sure I am not in tune with much of it.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

So glad that you had a lovely trip with your friends.
It does make you weep with what is going on in the lovely beaches, the bird life and fish and all the people out of work, I really hope that they can get it cleaned up soon.
Sorry about the sunburn - ouch! yes, sometimes Coppertone does not do it.
You have been missed and glad you are home again.
Will come back and visit you on Saturday for Karen's blog party.


MosaicMagpie said...

I have been burned at the beach more often than I care to remember. No fun and lots of brown spots now years later. But you girls had fun in spite of that sunburn. The oil pictures are truly heart wrenching. That area has been our vacation destination for years. We don't know the magnitude of the devistation from this "accident". So very sad.
Thanks for the comments on my clean up. It sounds better that the actual result. I have visited the Goodwill the past few days and almost bought something that I realized I had brought to them. That is sick isn't it. Sick, Sick, Sick... Anyway, I'll see your space this weekend it will be fun.

Charlene said...

I am so glad you & the GG's had a good time. Soooooooo very sad this whole mess. It just makes me sick as I'm sure it does everyone. Take care of yourself. Sun burns like that can really be serious. OUCH! Try alo vera too. Have a great weekend.

Deb said...

Looks like you had a great time. I need a vacation like that.

However, I am heartbroken by this oil spill. I remember the Exxon Valdez and this is far worse. When I see something like this happen to our beautiful oceans, it not only breaks my heart, but makes me really angry. I hope they get this contained soon.