Saturday, April 3, 2010

Round Top/Warrenton, Texas...



A tornado blew in through Texas while I was there last weekend and I was totally and truly B-L-O-W-N away!!!

Okay, I said a little white lie about the tornado but I AM honest about being blown away!  ;)

I am SO a virgin when it comes to junkin' compared to the ladies that I had the honor of meeting last weekend at Antiques Week in Warrenton, Texas. These women know their stuff, know how to shop it, know how to price it, and know how to sell it! Awesome stuff I tell ya! I was blown away with them are not going to believe who all I met in 48 hours!!!!!!

DSC_0006 (3)

Beautiful findings at Sweet Peas ~ Gloria

I felt like a meager little kitten as all I do is wake up early on Saturday mornings and hit the local garage sales in hopes of finding that special something. I don't have a booth nor a shop, nor do I have anything for sale. I am just a confessed serial hoarder of all things vintage and pretty. Unless I die, it will not be sold or given to it? ;)  I'm glad we understand each other now, let's carry on.

DSC_0060 (2)

You see, I didn't really travel 6 hours to shop, per say. I traveled 6 hours to see my friends and meet them face to face, some for the first time ever. I'm warning you now, if you think that I look kind of foo foo in the photos ahead, please understand that I was totally overwhelmed, in shock, blown away and my little brain was overloaded with all the excitement of what they call...Round Top/Warrenton/Antiques Week!!!!!


Are you ready? This is going to be quite a long post. I've been working on this post since I came home on Monday night. Sifting through hundreds of photos and trying to find the right words and the right photos to describe my 48 hours of unremarkable memories was a feat in sit back, relax & enjoy the weekend with me, all over again!!! :)

DSC_0019 (2)

Beautiful findings at Primitiques ~ Mindy

The first lady I'd like to mention is "my hero"... Debbie of Talking Trash. Without wanting to meet her with every breath in my body, I probably would not have made the 6 hour hike to Texas. And when I say that she is "my hero"...I mean it in a way that's more than selling or buying or shopping for 'stuff'. She IS one of the sweetest and most sincere people I know. And as a bonus, she's as cute as a bug and so very talented. She totally took me under her wing, she covered me in a blanket of love and spoiled me to death for a whopping 48 hours straight! (I'm sure she's thanking the stars above that I didn't stay all week as she would have had to put a restraining order on me to keep me away from her!) Oh I miss her already...can't wait for her to come home and tell us all what we missed!!! She's so hilarious...I can only imagine the fun they are still having over there!

DSC_0024 (2)

 Beautiful findings at Carolyn Westbrook Home ~ Carolyn

I know you all know Debbie (like who don't?) by now and you gotta love her to death like I do. But for those that don't know her, you MUST check her out. I really don't think I could find the right adjective that would be "good enough" to describe her, other than the word "wonderful". And as for her husband, CD ~ short for Cat Daddy, he's right up there with her in my book! He's has this magic about him. Once you walk under his tent, you're going to walk out with something. Either with one of his magnificent finds or with "the Cat Daddy experience" itself. He's just amazing and has totally found his calling in buying, selling and trading his awesome finds!!!

DSC_0011 (2)

The Trash Duo: Danny & Debbie York ~ Me

Although Debbie and Cat Daddy are still in Warrenton working in their tent all this week, I really need to stop all this sweet talk of them as their heads will explode when she reads this. (and I say "she" because "he" confessed that he doesn't read my blog at all but he does read Laura's of White Spray Paint!)

And speaking of Laura...she rounded the corner of Debbie's tent on Sunday evening and I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her. Again, she left me speechless too as I was so excited to meet her in person. (can't you just see the shock in my smile? I was waiting for somebody to pinch me!) She is every bit as wonderful on her blog as she is in person. Every bit! She's so real, I just love her!!!

DSC_0041 (2)

Laura ~ Debbie ~ Me

Laura even brought each of us a sweet little bag of cookies! Yummy! (she really made some brownie points here with me!) haha

DSC_0076 (2)

The 48 hour weekend brought so much fun and friends to me. If I don't stop talking and just show you the photos, this post will never end so I'm going to try and speed things up a bit...

DSC_0017 (2)

Beautiful findings at Debbie and Cat Daddy's

Mindy was on my list of people to meet last weekend and within the first 10 minutes of me finding my way around, I found her nestled in her tent, staging all of her beautiful goodies. I was so excited that she was able to take a hug break and snap a photo with me. She's just the cutest little thing!!! And I just loved the fact that she drank her water out of an old glass canning jar. How primitive is that? ;) (I wish I'd have a photo of her with a drink in her hand to show ya'll...she's just so cute!)

DSC_0010 (2)

Me ~ Mindy

Here she is all decked out for the blog party. With the help of Robelyn, she made her banner out of a grave site marker! A girl after my own heart!!!! I just love me some Mindy!!!

DSC_0038 (2)

Mindy ~ Primitiques

And I am SO pouty! Speaking of Robelyn, I have NO photos of her! What's up with that? I scoured my camera time and time again but found NO photos of the famous red haired red.neck chic (she-k) girl with the fabulous famous handmade handbags that were the talk of Antiques Week. I guess I was so busy laughing and talking with her, I never thought to snap a photo of us together. (pout pout)

And don't think you are going to run over to her website above and buy them all before I get the chance to pick mine...uh ain't gonna happen. Finish reading this post and then you can go check out her beautiful bags! ;)  They are gorgeous! And she sews them on an old 60 something year old hand-me-down sewing machine!!!! This girl is fabulous...darn I wish I had a photo of her!!!!!


Random photo ~ I just LOVE old books!

And oh my gosh, there was nothing better than surprises!!! Here was another friend who I didn't expect to see! She's been on the road for the past few several weeks and ended up here with us! I just love this girl...Gale of The Wizard of Once Was!!!!!

DSC_0051 (2)

Gale ~ Me

Gale is such a sweetheart. We've been blogging together for almost a year now and she never fails to leave me the sweetest comments. When she types, she types from her heart and she is so sincere. I'm always honored when she comes to visit me. It's hard to believe that she lives in's almost as if she's my next door neighbor!!! I just love her!!!

DSC_0141 (2)

Random photo ~ I just LOVE old door knobs!

Speaking of love, I almost fainted when I saw this SUPER STAR! I couldn't make a sound come out of my mouth and I feared that she'd walk away before I ever had the chance of telling her hello. Then suddenly, I blurted out "Heather!" and she turned around with that flashy gorgeous smile. I ran up to her and thanked her for the wonderful inspiration she showers me with every time I click on her blog. She surrounds herself with fresh and inspiring beauty and she is every bit of both in person too!!!! She's simply beautiful!!!! Meeting her for the first time was one of the highlights of my weekend!!!! :))) I am one of her biggest fans {sigh}

DSC_0042 (2)

Me ~ Heather Bullard

There was so much to see there. There were miles and miles of rolling hills with tents and shops hundreds of yards deep on each side.


The weather was beautiful and all we had was time to enjoy it all. Nothing else stopped us from doing anything that we didn't want to...there were no deadlines. That's what I love about seems like no one is in a hurry to do anything as no one really looks at their watch except when the tummy starts growling! ;)

I was able to mosey around a little bit and these things caught my eye at various booths in and around Warrenton...

Bingo anyone?


Or how about an old Chevy restoration project?


Or maybe something not so big, right?


Then as I thought I couldn't take any more excitement, I was fortunate to meet this beautiful gal below...

DSC_0012 (2)

Anne ~ Me

Anne of Fiona & Twig! I've been following her blog for about a year now also. She's fabulous and funny and has a great little booth of her own in her small town. She was certainly on my list of friends to meet here. I was looking forward to meeting her and I'm so glad I did! Doesn't she look all professional in her F&T tee??? I didn't recognize her without her cowgirl hat but thanks goes to Debbie for introducing us!!!! Anne's Mom is the sweetest too! They are just too cute!!!!

Another great GREAT girl that was on my list is Amy of  The Gypsy Chick. Amy is such a doll. She has the biggest heart in the whole world. Credit goes to her for rounding up the miracles that surrounded Debbie's little Bella and much much more. Not only is she the sweetest but she is one great photographer! Her photos are gorgeous and she's a big inspiration to me. One day when I grow up, I want to be just like HER!

DSC_0045 (2)

Speaking of growing up, I also want to have the sassy-ness and spunky-ness of this FABULOUS girl...Miss Angelique of Six in One Hand...

DSC_0026 (2)

I think it was the end of the first day (Saturday) when we took this photo above. As you can tell, I was so overwhelmed with meeting all of these fabulous people that I was just in la-la land and could barely keep my eyes open. The humidity was awful so it was time for a baseball cap to cover the little bit of frizz I had. It was a whopping hot 83 degrees and if I could have taken off all my clothes (which would NOT have been a pretty sight I tell ya), I still wouldn't have been cool enough. However, I wish I would look as good as Angelique in a tank like that! Instead I look like a fluffy ruffled sheep...Please remind me to keep my jacket on next time I wear that shirt! Sorry I messed up our photo girl....but YOU look fabulous!   :)

Being from Louisiana, I would have never thought I'd come across my little Louisiana neighbor...sweet Miss Adrienne of The Flying Bee!!!!!! Isn't she the cutest??? She's every bit as cute in person! So upbeat and energetic, I see where she gets her name "The Flying Bee" from....she was everywhere and I'm so happy I was able to meet her and visit!!!

DSC_0015 (2)

We only live a few hours from each other so she is definitely on my list of girls to hook up with soon! I'm going to have to take a trip and check out the cute little shops near her...Hang on Adrienne, I'm coming!!! ;)

Are you worn out yet? So now are you getting some sort of idea how overwhelming this 48 hours was for me? I probably should have split this post into chapters but I still have so much to show this FABULOUS FAMOUS WOMAN...Jo Packham of Where Women Create.

DSC_0013 (2)

I had the honor of meeting Jo last year at Silver Bella. She was the guest speaker of the event and by NO means was she there long enough...we just couldn't get enough of her!!! She's totally awesome (& totally huggable) in person and NEVER meets a stranger. She's met millions of fabulous women all over the world but when she's with you, she makes you feel like you're the only one in the room. Tears always fly when I get the chance to hug her! She's so real, so simple and so down to earth...I just LOVE her to pieces!

I'm going to have the honor of meeting with her again in a couple of weeks in Savannah!! (So Jo, if you are reading this...get ready for another big two arm hug scrunch...with happy tears!!!!!! ;)

okay...I'm more words could describe these 48 hours that I spent with these fabulous women.

I still have so much to show you but I'll have to save that for another post. Thanks for coming along with me so far. Get some rest and I'll take you some more around the Warrenton/Round Top area of beautiful TEXAS!!!!!!



Happy Easter everyone, I'll be back soon!!!!! 



Linda said...

You lucky girl! Wow I wish I could meet all those fab ladies! Maybe next year! Is this a once a year event?

Claudia said...

Oh my gosh, Jodie, I so enjoyed this post! My dream is to go to Round Top. I would have been like you - gasping at everything on display, gasping each time I saw someone I recognized from our blogging world....I'm so happy you shared all of this with us!


Claudia said...

Oh, I forgot, what does your ribbon say? I love it, by the way, you should take a close-up photo of it so we can see it!


CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Sounds like you had a fantabulous time! I need to go sometime soon!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hey Girl, I hung on your every word and savored each photo. I know you must have been in heaven! Great photos of everyone and I just love that ruffled tee you have on. I'm like you if I could hang out with Debbie and CD she'd never get rid of me. And of course Anne, she's my bestest that I haven't met in person yet.
Thanks for taking the time to share all the fabulous-ness of your trip!
hugs and love,
Have a great Easter,

Oakleaf Hollow Primitives said...

Wow! We have wanted to go to this show for a long time! Your post is the next best thing to being there! Thanks for sharing all the excitement.

Charlene said...

OH Jodie I can't believe I missed all that!!!!!!!!!! Darn I wish we could have hooked up there at Round Top!!!!! Your post was wonderful & made me feel like I was there with you. Speaking of there with you we will finally meet at Petticoats in just a couple of weeks. Can you believe how fast the time flies. And to think we have mutual GOOD friends... Sandy from California & Lisa (Tarnished & Tattered) which just visited with you. Looks like you guys had a BLAST together. Will you take to that store someday? I need those buttons. Or did Lisa buy them all? When we were in Round Top together in the fall she had Kevin transfer money into her account EVERYDAY with the PROMISE that it was the last time he would have to do that. Hee Hee & the following day.... Transfer! Thanks for sharing. Charlene

TinyBear said...

oh - it looks like you have had a great time Jodie. Great post. Thank you so much for sharing :D
Wishing you a happy Easter.
~ Tina

Deirdra Doan said...

What a great writer you are! Just LOL funny! I had my dolls at the "tea party" in the Artful Blogger the same one as you..I need to go read the article about you!

What a fun time you had..the restraining order part was to much!!

Theresa said...

Well Jodie, that is the last straw:) I am so jealous, I have tears in my eyes. You met my sweet Anne, Laura and Angelique! You should be ashamed for showing me what all I missed. I am coming next year. I don't care how far it is from Georgia. You tell me in advance and I'm there Sista! Love all of the beauties that you met and all of that good stuff. I'm coming, just you get ready! Oh, I'll see you then UNLESS I see you sooner... wink, wink ;) Hugs from Georgia!

pinkroses said...

Hi Jodie!
So glad you had fun! Can't wait to see more!
Happy Easter...
xo suzanne

Sandy Navarro said...

Jodie, you are simply the best! I've been dying to see the FabUlousness of Round Top and with every post you ALWAYS make me feel like I'm right there w/ya! I have a ton to post about myself including my adventure to Grand Couteau to meet you! Say hi ya'll to Charlene for me when you meet her in Savannah, you guys are gonna love each other!

LiLi M. said...

I think your smile grows wider on each photo ( hope this is English and not obsure :-}
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Jane said...

Wow....that post must have taken you forever to write, but what a wonderful recap of your fabulous weekend! Everyone looks like they are having a great time. I'm glad you got together with so many of your blogging friends.

vintage girl at heart said...

That's it I am hitchiking there in the Fall!!!
Wonderful wonderful post..such a thrill that you got to meet so many sweeties and that they got to meet you too!!!
You looked fab girl love the hat and the ruffles and that corsage of yours too!!!
I woulda been in Hawg Heaven!!
Thanks for sharing your trip with us and may you and your Family have a Blessed Easter!!
((oh yeah catch up on your sleep cuz don't you have another trip coming up real soon??!!))

Obee Designs said...

Hi Jodie, you junk virgin you!
I stopped by to wish you a wondefrful Easter, but I have to say I really need to tell you after seeing this post...I am so jealous!! Wow look at all that wonderful JUNK
you got to oogle and aahgle over... Plus you got to meet all these amazing people behind it all. Wow, are you lucky!!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was a humdinger of a visit. I don't recognize any of those names but I will have to check them out. I am missing something. Did you bring anything home with you to add to your stash of stuff? That's what HH says to me. Easter blessings.

A Fanciful Life said...

OK, I'm exhausted too after reading all that! What a fabulous adventure. I've only been to Texas changing planes at the airport, but after seeing your photos and hearing about your trip, I'd sure like to go there. I can't even imagine that many antiques to peruse for treasures. And what a wonderful group of women you spent time with. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's great to be Jodie! Thank goodness you take so many photos and write so passionately about your adventures because I almost feel like i'm right there with you. Can't wait to hear about the Savannah trip next!
Happy Easter to you and your family, Miss Jodie!
Sharon :-)

Karen said...

GIRL! Next year - I am SOOOO TOTALLY GOING TO THIS!!!!! We might as well just make the plans right now!!!
I can't WAIT to see all you got!
You know - between Lisa and all this - you've just been having WAAAYYYYY too much fun without me. . .

:) but we have a new baby! HUGS!

Linda said...

Wow Jodie...all that talent in one place! Looks SO fun, wish I lived closer! Thanks for sharing!

sissie said...

Wow what a trip! You did get to meet all the Blogger Super Stars and managed to get photos with them. However, I think you might be selling yourself a little short,
because in my book, you are a super star blogger yourself!

I just love reading your post, sure wish I could have been there.


June said...

Jodie I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post! You have met some of my favorite people in the blog world. Laura, Heather, Gale, etc...etc...
And you look darling in every picture! I am so glad you had such a great time!!!

Debby said...

You are one lucky girl! I have enjoyed your post so much and I am over the moon with the awesome weekend you had and all the beautiful people you met. I am excited for you, heck I am excited for me just thinking that I know am very busy, but it is a must for me to come back here on Monday and go through your post again and check out all the links. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous weekend with us.


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Jodie......what a great trip you had. With all that visiting I hope you still had some time for SHOPPING!!(O: (O: (O:



Kris said...

I loved following your adventure. That must have been a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for all of the photos. Kris

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Jodie, what a fabulous time you had meeting up with all the wonderful Ladies.
It was great to recognize some of our blog friends, Anne ~ Fiona and Twig.
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos and I hope that you did not have too many blisters, wearing your boots.

Happy Easter, dear friend.

Becca said...

Wow Jodie it sure looks like you had a wonderful time! Hope you're havin' a Happy Easter!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Jodie, I'm still pouting that you had all the fun without me! You know that's not fair! If you do that again I won't cheer for the Saints anymore ;-)!
I think you hadn't been totally wrong about the tornado. YOU must have been the little whirlwind swirling around from one famous blogger to the next. What an event! It's amazing to see what was going on and it looks like it had been worth to drive 6 hours to get there. Did you bring one of those Chevys home for hubby?
I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your fantastic weekend adventure!
Happy Easter to you and your guys, dear Jodie!
Big hugs and love,

A Cottage Muse said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your pixie dust moments!! Your cheeks must have hurt from all the smiling! Happy Easter!

zandra said...

Looks like you had a grand time! Youu got to meet such fabulous people! Angelique was my swap partner for Alice in Wonderland! Happy Easter!
Hugz, Z

vintagesusie said...

OK Swet Jodie Girl...
Number one, I want to go next year, I must go, this gets looks too good to miss!!1
2. Could there be any cooler junk sitting around
three...How did you do this without a U-Haul???
& 4. I hope you have a wonderful Easter friend!!!
Smiles & Hugs...
Miss Susie

NicNacManiac said...

Thanks for letting me live through your fabulous trip!! I have wanted to go forever and seeing the fun that you had...despite the heat....I am so going to make the effort next Spring...too busy for the Fall!!
Lucky you got to meet so many fantastic peeps...great photos and huge smiles all around...a successful trip for sure!!
Enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday!!
Big Hugs, xOxO Nerina

trash talk said...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get Cat Daddy's head in a hat now? Girl...I cried when I got to the tent Monday and you weren't there. I missed you all just wasn't the same without you. You ARE my hero...I wished I had a tenth of your talent. You were a doll to help me out and for keeping me on track...squirrel!
I am so happy you posted all these photos with you in them. I want the world to see how beautiful you and your smile is! See...that's how you recognize folks and they recognize you!
I hope we get together before the fall show...I don't want to wait that long. It was a blast and you were a big part of it.
Love you and your way of expressing yourself.
P.S. You might want to check the contents of Mindy's mason jar...FYI!