Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss YOU!!!! :)

This evening, I am sitting here at my computer, blogging with you . . .

I have no clean underwear, I have nothing packed, and tomorrow I am flying out to Savannah to attend Petticoats and Parasols, a fabulous art event hosted by the sweet Jennifer Hayslip.

You see, I know where my priorities are!!!

First, I have to tell my favorite peeps bye bye first, then go wash all my clothes, pack my art supplies, print my flight schedule, and then finally pack once my clothes are all clean!   :)

I am the Queen of Last Minute...you already knew that though ;)

DSC_0024 (2)

Let me ask you...do you remember this post about me buying a $70 something dollar quilt and cutting it all up? If not, you can read about it here, but don't freak out on me when you do read it.


In that post, I promised you that before I left for Savannah, I'd show you the full details of what I did with the quilt and why.

Well, I was in a swap specifically for P&P hosted by Rosalyn~Sue. We were to make anything we wanted and we had to make 20 something of them. (I don't remember the final total) She would in turn, make a bag for us that contained 20 something gifts from other women attending the event who were participating in the same swap also. There were no rules...it was left up to our imagination. Wow...I love it when there is NO RULES!!! Sooooo.... I started by cutting up my brand new quilt...

DSC_0013 (2)

I went to Lowe's and bought 20 something .34 cent tumbled tiles.

I came home and stamped them with the music background and Savannah * GA   2010.

I printed the graphic logo for the Petticoats and Parasols event and I image transferred them to the tumbled tile (in a ghostly~Savannah~ kind~of~way)

I inked the edges for an aged look.

I sprayed them with acrylic clear sealer.

DSC_0018 (3)

I measured the tumbled tiles (4x4) and made cute little envelopes out of the quilt that I cut up.

I embellished them with some spare lace, tassels, and buttons.

I added cork board to the bottom of the tumbled tile so they wouldn't scratch the furniture.

DSC_0023 (2)

I wrapped each newly decorated tumbled tile with printed parchment paper that says:

"A Coaster for your Creative Nest...

May the memories we share in Savannah be the Best!

Made with Love,



I tucked each wrapped and decorated tumbled tile coaster in it's very own quilted envelope.

I inserted a moo card in each envelope.

DSC_0035 (2)

And last but not least, to make each and every one of them personal, I made cute little tags.

On the front is the same logo of the Petticoats and Parasols retreat and I added my blog information.

On the back is a printed envelope personalized with the recipient's name.

Each tag is attached to the lace rosette by a jump ring.

DSC_0026 (2)

I then bundled them all up in a priority box and mailed them to Rosalyn~Sue about a month ago. She has worked diligently in preparing this wonderful swap for us, along with hosting a Sugar Bar upon our arrival at the hotel in Savannah!

DSC_0032 (2)

So now do you see why I'm so excited about leaving tomorrow? And why I have to gather my clean underwear and jump on the plane?? ;)

I'm even more excited than ever as my roommate ~ Karen of Some Days are Diamonds and I will be meeting two FABULOUS blogger friends!!!!

Theresa of They Call Me Ganky and her sweet husband will pick up Karen and I at the airport and shuttle us to our hotel. Isn't that just the sweetest offer, EVER??? All the while, we will be hugging and squealing at each other as we have never met each other in person. Theresa is not attending the event (unfortunately) but she is passing through the area while taking her husband away for a sweet get~away weekend to Tybee Island, near Savannah. This is a prime example of being at the right place at the right time :)

AND...to add to the excitement of it all, we have reservations at the highly recommended restaurant, The Olde Pink House! While there, we will be blessed with another sweet blog friend, Kim of The Victorian Parlor, (the mother of my favorite nephew cat, Kramer of the beloved Kramer Chronicles) who will drive in just to meet us there too! So around the table, we will be four blog friends who feel like we've known each other FOREVER, yet we will all meet in person for the first time!!! Like in real life!!! Isn't that unbelievable?

I'm so excited!!!

Let me go start the washer, throw some clothes together, find my scissors and glue and pack my camera...

I have a big day tomorrow!

Now you KNOW my number ONE rule when I travel right?


And don't you worry, you know I'm going to take you with me like I always do...(that's rule #2) tee hee

I'll be back next week...I'm gonna miss you!



Sue said...

That. Tile. Is. Simply. Wonderful!!!!! The gals at that art retreat are SO lucky you are going to be there. Wish I was :)

Sue E.

Julie said...

Oh, my....Jodie! Your quilted bags are TO DIE FOR!!! I have absolutely no problem with you cutting up a perfectly good, brand new quilt...if it's going to create that much happiness for that many women! (wish I was going!)

You will have SO much fun! Someday, when I grow up, I want to do fun things like this. That is my dream.

Now go wash your dainties and hurry home, will you?! Can't wait to see what your week is like!

Take care, my friend & have a ball!

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Oh my gosh...your coasters and all the little details are fantabulous. Have a great time and be good! ;)
Country Blessings,

Linda Robinson said...

Those coasters are fabulous. I Love them! Along with the wonderful quilted envelopes. And all the little details you put in...You got some talent girl! I wish I was going. It sound like a blast! Can't wait to see all your pictures!


Linda B said...

I'm soooooooooooooooo jealous of those lucky recipients of your goodies! So special. You made great use of that quilt;)

A Cottage Muse said...

What a beautiful gift made with lots of love! I love your attention to detail!! Lucky, lucky girls!! Have a safe wonderful trip ~ you will be missed!!

Lori said...

Jodie, your gifts are absolutely gorgeous...what a beautiful idea!!! and your envelopes are just the sweetest things...SO clever...have lots of fun at the event:) i know you will!!!

Charlene said...

I CAN"T WAIT TO MEET YOU! I don't blast off until Thursday morning (crack o dawn). I too have NOT packed, have NOT finished my 6 paper dolls & have been on the phone with Lisa for about an hour. And just did a post where I linked to you because I told about a cememtary you would LOVE! See ya Thursday. I can't wait to meet you in PERSON! HUGS!! Charlene

Rochelle said...

Oh Jodie.....you are SO CREATIVE!! I am loving those quilted envelopes you made and the tiles are such a great keepsake of the weekend! Wish I could go but my preggo doggies are due anytime now! I will have to get my "girl's getaway craft fix" in the fall!
Have a great time in Savannah!

Belle Brocante said...

Jodie...I DO remember the post about the cut-up quilt. Somehow I knew you had not lost your mind (I have done some similar things) and would do us all proud! And have you ever....done us proud, that is! The tiles, the quilted envelopes, the tags!!!! I am so impressed and once again in awe of all you do. Have a wonderful time! I travel to Savannah about once or twice a year and it is a magical place. I love it! I even went on a "Ghost Walk" last year....visiting some haunted victorian homes. Be safe and have fun!

The French Bear said...

Jodie you have out done yourself again!!!! The bags and tiles are fabulous!!!!! Everyone will be thrilled, I think I need to pop over for a visit!!!!
Have a blast chickie and don't worry, I won't have fun while you are gone!!!!!!!
Margaret B

Linda said...

Oh Jodie you will have so much fun! I am envious! Love the tile and the bags. You are so multi-talented. I will miss you and I PROMISE not to have fun while you are gone (Ignore my crossed fingers he he)!!

Draffin Bears said...

Jodie, you are so much fun!
Love it that you have all the goodies made and you have not packed your bags. The quilted envelopes and the coasters are all so lovely.
Have a fabulous time in Savannah, I know you will.
How lucky to be meeting up with Kim and all your other friends.

Happy and safe trip

Claudia said...

I love, love the coasters and the quilt envelopes! How clever you are! You are going to have such fun! Take lots of photos!


Rebecca said...

Hi Jodie
You are awesome girl, those coasters are great and you will have so much fun
Be safe

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Gonna miss you too, Jodie. Know though that you will miss us and have lots to tell us and show us on your return. You are going to a fabulous place and do get someone to take you down to the wharf area. I love that city. Do have fun and if you forget your panties in the washer, just buy some new ones. LOL Hey, there is now a huge, deep hole in my yard. They worked like busy beavers after the gas man came yesterday. I didn't have to put on my steel toed boots either. Have a safe trip and I pray you don't have to stop in Atlanta's airport. If so, we may never hear from you again. I hope you are taking your computer with you. :-)

summersundays-jw said...

Hope you have a great time. What a great gift you're sharing. Can't wait to hear about Savannah. Some of us are planning a trip there sometime very soon. We'll be waiting. Jan

Debby said...

WOW!!! You are amazing! I love your beautiful swap gifts, the tiles are incredible and the quiltie envies are amazing, so gorgeous. Have fun my dear, will miss you but it will be so worth it when you blog about your trip. Can hardly wait to hear.

Linda said...

Your coasters are just wonderful~ should be a fun swap! Have fun at the event~ it sounds like a blast!!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, get you some clean undies packed, girl! I am so excited to meet you and Karen, and Kim too! I wish I had visited her to know more about her, maybe I'll get a chance to do that on the ride down. I am looking so forward to meeting you dear Jodie!

LOVE the tiles and the quilt bag turned out just beautifully! OK, off to stuff me a bag and get some rest! See you at the airport, I'll be running thru the airport, jumping garbage cans:) HUGS!!!!!

Robin Thomas said...

Wow those are so great. Really great. Hey, look for my Oklahomie Shelley Overholt. She will be there. Of course both of you without me...but then you have dirty underwear, so...

Laura said...

You are an artist- plain and simple. Not only are you creative, but the quality and finish on your work is amazing.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Oh Jodie! I hope you have a blast. If need be, you could always go commando...
*walking away chuckling*

Geralyn Gray said...

There are 20 lucky swap partners in Savannah.....have a great time...can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Beth Adams said...

What a beautiful gift! You did a wonderful job and are so talented. Hope you come back soon and have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I know you will have a great time. On Saturday we will be having out Golden Anniversary reception hosted by our 6 children back at the original site of our wedding reception. I am so excited. We will both have get things to post about next week. Blessings

Grannys Attic said...

How beautiful, you are so creative. I know everyone is going to love thier gifts. Have fun and be safe. Blessings, Vicky

Sheri said...

Oh Jodie, I remember those pictures. Those are the ones that hooked me into the world of blog.

I'm so glad you shared the rest of the gifts. I can't wait to try to make some of those. I had never thought of stamping on a tile! Glue them, yes. Dunk em, uh-huh. Break them, paint them. But never thought of stamping on a tile.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

These bags and the tiles turned out awesome, Jodie! You've added so many sweet details to make this a perfect gift! You must have been really busy to make 20 of them. The girls will be over the moon!

How sweet of Theresa and her hubby to pick you and Karen up at the airport. Then they can drive you to the next mall in case you didn't manage to get your clothes washed, lol.

I'll try not to have fun without you but if I have some, I still know you are having more but that's o.k. :-). I'll be thinking of you and Karen a lot during the next days and if you get the feeling that somebody is watching you - that's just me ;-).
Don't occupy Karen's bed with your art and craft supplies. She might want to use it for her own stuff, lol. I'm sure you both will need to catch up some sleep when you are back.
Now go and have lots of fun, girl :-)!!!
Big hugs and love,

Katsui Jewelry said...

I have been looking for a good quilt ever since I read that you bought one for Parosols and Petticoats...knowing only that it might save me a lot of money on a Silver Bella swap. Didn't have a clue what you were going to do with them but they sure sounded fun. I even told my husband that was a good way to save money at these events. All I got was a strange look.

Now that I know, I think this is an even more incredible idea and I love your "spooky coasters." I already have ideas of spending money running through my little head!

This from a girlie who bought four wool coats at Goodwill today (felting). I think I am going to save a lot of money, too!

Hugs, you funny girl and have loads of fun!!!

Pierelantijntjes said...

Ooooh Jodie, What a beautiful gifts you have made. I love every piece of it. I whish you a lot of fun, and a lot of new friendships. I can't wait to hear all about it.
See you soon again in blog wearld.
Greetings Ester

TinyBear said...

YĆ³ur quilted abgs are perfect Jodie.
I wish you the most wonderful trip, I´m sure you´ll have lots of fun and I can´t wait to hear all about it.
xo Tina

shana said...

Those tiles are gorgeous. Everybody receiving one is in for a surprise. . Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.

red.neck chic said...

I want one! I want one! Jodie... those are gorgeous! The tags, the coasters, the envelope... all of it!

You are going to have so much fun - who needs clean clothes? LOLOL

I will miss you! AND! I need to have a somethin' in Texas to get you back here... hmmmm.....

my wheels are turnin'. Have FUN!!!

;-) robelyn

trash talk said...

Girl...you are so missing your calling. You need to create a retreat and be an instructor or headmistress or something. You are just too clever and creative. All the details are perfect...as expected!
Have fun, but not too much w/o me! Don't worry about the underwear...just turn it inside out if you run out!

Paula said...

Hi dear Jodie,
I always enjoy reading your delightful posts and seeing your beautiful photos! You always make me laugh too! I hope you have a wonderful and very fun trip filled with happy memories! I am so glad you will be meeting so many dear blog friends in person. I love Kim from the Victorian Parlor, and Kramer is too cute! I love all of the beautiful things you made for the retreat… all the ladies will treasure them! I look forward to you coming back and sharing all the fun you had! Love, Paula

Lisa said...

Your tile project is perfection! They will all be thrilled with this beautiful treat. You are so creative and inspire me so much. Have the best time ever!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I know you are already gone on your fantastic trip....but I just love your little swap....such a darling idea...there will be plenty of squealing! Have a wonderful time and don't worry, since I am NOT there, I won't have any fun until you get back. Waiting to see all the pictures from you and Karen!!

Deborah said...

This sounds awesome. I always love a chance to meet bloggy friends. I may sign up for this next year if there is another one. Let us know how it goes and post lots of pictures.

June said...

And these tiles are why you are 'da bomb' Jodie!!! These are amazing!!! Everything you do is just so great. Are we ever lucky to know you.
have a wonderful time doing what you do best.

Anonymous said...

Well first let me say how adorable that tile is & the whole outfit for it wow! I am fairly new here & loved reading your blog. Have a blast with your friends & hopefully i'll pass this way again.


Cheryl said...

OMG, Jodie...Your tiles are (as Sandy would say...) FabUlous!!! Have a great time and can't wait to see all the pics! Safe travels!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Jodie, I hope you have the best time EVER girl!!!!! Your gifts are so beautiful...what a wonderful idea!!! I love the tumbled tiles...and of course the precious pouches!!! Have fun sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

Viki said...

Jodie, your tile idea and the adorable bags you made for them......inspirational!! So very creative! I'm jealous because it sounds like you are going to have a marvelous trip. Have a great time! Viki

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Oh Jodie,
I was in love with the little quilted bags when you first blogged them. I laughed when you said you bought that quilt & took the pinking shears to it! Really, tho that's a great idea, cost wise. Those coasters are so cool, original (of course) & something quite useful. I can see a big 'ol C&C in a go cup resting on yours! I miss you already. Your dinner party sounds like a blast, except for one thing. I won't be there!! Waaa...(: Next time, right? You be safe sweetie, don't get lost in the cemeteries, & call me when you get back. Lisa

Suzie Button said...

Gorgeous! So creative and amazing envelopes too! I wish I was there to get one! Have fun! Just buy new underwear! Ha! Suzie

Prudence said...

what a sweet comment you left shabby scraps about friendship. I love everything vintage so I had to hop over and see you.

Frippery said...

Jodie, you do beautiful creative work. Hope you are having a blast right now. Thanks a million times for my wonderful birthday package. Smooches and hugs, Pam

Stephanie O. said...

The tiles are fabulous. I know there will be lots of "oohs and ahs" when the ladies see your sweet packages...You constantly amaze me!

Cannot wait to read all about the event!!

Cherie Wilson said...

Hope you have a marvelous time! Thanks for sharing your quilt project and those adorable thoughtful tiles! Lucky them! XO

Barbara said...

If there is a tile left over, you could send it to Texas, we love your gifts. How lucky the ladies are that will receive them. Anxious to hear about your trip and see all the gifts you get.

Be Safe!!!

zandra said...

Waiting here patiently for your return! Can't wait for all the creative goodness! ;o)
Hugz, Z

chicroses said...

OMG! Love the tiles.So clever.Everything I see that creative bloggers do I want to do it also...ha Just was into your starting your own blog. I have been so proud of myself that I started my own blog.Which is saying alot for me I am not computer smart.But I dont post enough and also I would like to know how to do all the thingys on the sides.But I am always blog surfing more than taking care of my own blog.Well so thoughtful of you to have a blog to help everyone. Sally

NicNacManiac said...

Oh Jodie,
I am in awe of your talent, creativity and resourcefulness for bringing a project to fruition! Where do these ideas come from...who knows...they are just spectacular! The little quilted case, the fabulous tumbled stone one of a kind keepsake tile and your personalized tags....your kind spirit and love for everyone and everything is a blessing that I am so glad to witness and be a recipient of!
Hope your time in Savannah is filled with joy and all of the love and fellowship that you so deserve sweet friend!
Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

Heidi Meyer said...

My dear Jodie, I miss you already!!! Hope you had safe travels home. I am mapping out our antiquing route here. XO's Heidi

My Grama's Soul said...

Dear friend.....I gotta' tell you....those little gifts you made are over the moon creative!!!!!

You knock my socks off.



shabbyscraps said...

Jodie, I had so much fun WITH YOU!!! You are such a dear dear friend, and I am so happy we got to see each other again!! You looked so beautiful, and I was so inspired watching you create. I hope we see each other in sept!
x0x0, Tiffany

Rachel said...

Jodie - I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE my tile coaster. I LOVED it when I opened it and what a special treasure now that I know and love you!! I love LOVE it, did I mention that?!?

Love it.

Cassandra said...

Jodie it was so great to meet you! I just loved these! WOW so beautiful! Thanks so very much!