Friday, March 5, 2010

A Vintage Wedding Night Thought...


It was time.

After wanting and waiting,

This was the perfect time...

DSC_0281 (2)


She was so nervous.

He was so anxious.

The thought of it finally happening was ecstasy in itself...

DSC_0284 (3)


He gently took her hand...

She was breathless with his touch.

This was their first time.

DSC_0279 (2)


He intensely stared at her, noticing all of her beautiful details, yet overlooking her seemingly unimportant imperfections.

She stood in anticipation with her eyes closed...

Waiting for his next move.


DSC_0285 (2)


He lovingly laid her down, with his hands around her tiny waist.

She did not fight it, yet she was breathing once again.

It was time.


DSC_0282 (2)


He caressed her shoulders as he gently removed the layers of silk and lace...

All the while, she ran her fingers through his curly dark hair.

To these two, there was nothing more important than the here and now.


DSC_0283 (2)


The two had become one that night

For it was their time, 'til death do them part.

and she was just as beautiful every morning after, in the early morning light.


DSC_0288 (2)



My aunt stopped by to visit me yesterday at work. She brought me the most beautiful unexpected surprise.

This delicate silky laced night gown and robe belonged to her Mother. She wore it on her wedding night many many years ago and time has aged it ever so beautifully.   Her Mother has passed away and after clearing out her house, she came across it with many other treasures of hers.

How sweet is it that she thought of me for I only knew her Mother briefly.

She said, "Jodie, I'm sure you would appreciate this being that it is old. My sister and I don't want to throw it, but maybe you can use it in somehow in your art." 

Well, I already have. Maybe not in a physical kind of way at the moment, but it certainly inspired me mentally.

I love to create a story line that corresponds with the beauty of a subject.  This was indeed a beautiful subject to do so.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, this is not an excerpt from MY wedding night, not by a long shot! We are SO NOT going there!  {sigh}


I'm just a hopeless romantic.




other little goodies she left me with...

from her grandmother~

DSC_0275 (2)

from her sister~

DSC_0277 (2)

a '70's wedding dress from her sister~ (love the cut at the bottom!)

DSC_0294 (2) 

Aunt Jean, if you are reading this...Thank You again! I love it!



Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet gift! I am happy to know it was a storyline:) Love all of the vintage goodies! Enjoy and I can't wait to see what you make! Happy day:)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Jodie, What kind of books have you been reading lately, lol?
The night gown is very pretty! How sweet of your aunt to think of you. She must know you very well to imagine that you can use all those wonderful goodies in your art.
Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Girlfriend! You had me scared there for a minute! I thought"Where is she going with this . . ."
How perfect for her to give them to you. Sophie will be positively delighted!! GREAT! I can just imagine what she's going to say to Lillian, kind of like 'Nanny nanny na na!" And then I'll have to go get something . . . oh BOTHER!
Well, I do love them both, and especially the TIARA! How fun is that?
I've heard that clock chime . . . it's gorgeous too!
:) Me.

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

You should write romance novels... what a beautiful gown. her waist must of been teeny weensy. You must be soooo honored to be the keeper of such a treasure.

Doni said... sweet! And how romantic. Beautiful gowns and what a sweet Aunt!

Claudia said...

Absolutely gorgeous and what a romantic story!


Christine said...

Everything is so beautiful! You are very lucky indeed!

Sandi said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful family. I keep saying you need to seriously write a novel. I would buy it.

LiLi M. said...

Lucky you! How sweet that your aunt thought of you AND gave these to you! How many times do people tell you: Oh you really would have liked that? Oh well we all through it away, yes including that number one Barbie still mint in the box. Yeah, we did know that you collect them but we thought, she must have that one, no? Not? Too bad, but I'll ask my sister who still has a truckload full of costume jewelry, we all think that is very very ugly, but we know that is just your taste...(of course you never hear anything about the jewelry either!). Now this time it is different! LOL!

Connie said...

What a delicious gift from your aunt, honey. Oooohmy, I would just gasp in delight if someone gifted me with such treasures. You are truly loved and blessed to be the "keeper" of such finery, chickee...

Katsui Jewelry said...

What gorgeous gifts. I never know what I will find when I visit your blog...teehee!

Debby said...

You had me going there for a minute, but oh what a beautiful story with such an awesome ending. My gosh girl, look at all the pretties! I totally love your vintage wedding dress, that is so great they thought of you. YEAH!!!!

Jane said...

I thought I had turned on a Lifetime Movie :-)
Great gifts from your aunt. It's so wonderful that she thought to give these treasures to you. They are beautiful.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Jodie......those things are truly exquisitely beautiful!



Jessica said...

Lovely gifts, Jodie- each with its own beautiful story! :) Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise. You have some beautiful things there. We will celebrate our Golden anniversary in April and I still have my nightgown and negligee. It is about 7 inches wide. I have never worn it. Have kept it clean and protected for 50 years. Now isn't that strange. There is no one in this world small enough to wear it.LOL

vintage girl at heart said...

Lovely treasures from the past...and nobody sweeter to have them than you.
They are all so precious.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Not sure exactly how I got here, but after playing in the Blogisphere for a few hours, I found Your Blog & I am Glad.....
Beautiful Post~

summersundays-jw said...

What great treasures you have. Just watched the new show on TV about geneology & realized how lucky I was to have the family pieces I have. Jan

Julie said...

Wow, Jodie! Looks like you've got a novel waiting to emerge...! Thanks for sharing your beautiful new treasures...and your writing skills!

Hope your weekend is marvellous!

trash talk said...

I had to go and take a cold shower...but I'm back now! Girl, you are missing your calling!!!
That is a beautiful gift and one that will inspire beauty just by being where you can see it daily.

Sares said...

Oh my goodness, what a thrill you must have had as she pulled out each and every thing. How special she thought to pass them over to you. She knew you would treasure them and we were lucky enough to get to see them too. How beautiful your words were. You could write a romance novel! Thank you for sharing Jodie and have a terrific weekend!

June said...

I'm with Debbie...had to take a cold one, and yep, you should have been an author. It's still not too late. What a gorgeous gown! You are so lucky that the family knows you love vintage. Can you even stand the thought that this could have gone in the trash?!
Think maybe hubs needs to read this post.hehe

A Fanciful Life said...

Wow, you have some creative mind, girl! I'm with the others, you need to take up writing romance novels, I really believe it's your next career move - haha! But what a lovely gift you have received. How nice of her to think of you. Even if it's just inspiration, it will have been put to good use. I am coveting that bridal veil with pearls, how gorgeous. Have fun with your treasures!
Sharon :-) said...

Don't you just love getting family treasures! I just got a bunch of stuff from my hubs grandmother, I'll post it next week. I love it that not many people appreciate the good stuff, so it comes to us. The girls who really love it. The wedding dress is TDF, and the nightgown...ohhhh my. Love it all so much. Now I have to go find my hubster & lock our bedroom door. You got me crazy with that little Harlequin Romance! Lisa

A Cottage Muse said...

Perfect weekend post! Beautiful items with a story beautifully written by you. Thank you!

Lisa said...

You were gettin' me all worked up there!LOL! Miss Harlequin Romance!
I'm gonna have to dig my old paperbacks out again.:)
PS Love all your beautiful family treasures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Lori said...

geez louise girl!!! that was one hot story you were tellin' there..LOVE LOVE LOVE that your aunt gifted these treasures to you...they are all gorgeous...and i know you will love them as they deserve to be loved!!!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Just beautiful, Jodie. How wonderful you were given these precious items. The nightie is just divine, and the wedding dress, wow! All, so lovely....


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

lovely gift and remembrance - but I have to ask - are you a professional writer of bodice-ripping romance novels?!


Lovely dresses and gown... girl , for a minute I thought I was reading a romance novel. Steamy there at the beginning. ha!

The Victorian Parlor said...


What a beautiful gown! How sweet of your aunt to gift you with these treasures:). BTW, maybe you should consider becoming a writer-your story was great!



The Charm House said...

Jodie, This is so wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing... My daughter is getting married in May. They are having a vintage inspired wedding. She and her young man have waited to share intimately with anyone. Your story is a fitting love story for their wedding night. I love your blog and will be visiting again.
Hugs and have an awesome day!

The Charm House said...

Also Jodie,
After reading your post of retreats, I want to shout to you...WE NEED YOU!!! We are trying to put a retreat together for the area around Athens, Georgia. A group of women are meeting soon and we need your thoughts on what women really want in an ART Retreat! Dawn from The Feathered Nest will be there and a few others. For more information go to....

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Lovely gifts and how wonderful that they thought of you, knowing how much you love such precious old treasures.
You could write for Mills and Boon, dear friend.


zandra said...

Just beautiful! Like I always say you should be a writer!;o)
How lovely.
Hugz, Z

T's Daily Treasures said...

Yowza! I was wondering where that story was going. HA! How wonderful that such beauties find their way to you. I love that 70s wedding dress. Everything is just beautiful and everyone knows that you will treasure and use them all in the best possible way ... even if you are steaming up the screen. :) Blessings, Tammy

Linda said...

Beautiful writing, beautiful, priceless items to cherish. ♥

This is such a lovely post.

Hope Ellington said...

I loved this post so much. Everything about it was my wedding night....NOT! None the certainly became a happy marriage. Your writing has inspired me today...I treasure thinking about a happy time years ago when Your great aunt wore this. Lovely.

Frippery said...

Wonderful gifts. I was afraid you were going into the romance novel business!