Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat out there that's as PROUD as ME???


In case you were wondering...

THE SAINTS WON tonight!!!!!

Super Bowl 44 Champions and believe me when I say...

They played like the biggest champions that ever stepped foot on a football field.

What a game!

I am speechless. I am teary eyed. I am thankful. I am proud.

And in case you were wondering...

Thad and I had a million invitations, yet we decided to stay home alone and watch history take place together. But, that didn't happen either. Nope. I watched the game by myself. The game started at 5:30 and by 6:15, he was out like a light. Yep. He started "celebrating" early in the day and was very...let's say..."liquidy" and missed 3/4 of the game. He (and the dog) slept soundly through all of my happy screaming (an those of you who know me, you KNOW I scream LOUD!).

He. was. that. drunk.

Oh, don't feel bad for me...I had a blast all by myself!!! Who wouldn't have being all cuddled up on the couch under a fuzzy blanket with a Saint's tree glowing, watching my team WIN on my 65" inch tv???

DSC_0192 (2)

It could have been worse. We could have been out with friends and I'd have had to leave him where he landed until tomorrow ;)

I'm sure you might be wondering "who would post this about their husband for everyone to read", right? Let me tell ya sha, this is Louisiana and believe me, there is MUCH worse things that happen elsewhere than this!!!  Can you imagine being on Bourbon Street right about now???  ;)


History was made tonight so who gives a poot about Thad...


Oh, and for all of my creative friends and followers ~ I'd like to thank you for being so patient with me through this playoff season. I know that most of you are not interested in football (much less the Saints), but thank you for visiting anyway.

Just to give you heads up, there is ALWAYS a reason to party here in Louisiana. So besides the fact that we will be celebrating this victory forEVER, now you will just have to put up with me talking about Mardi Gras now which is right around the corner!!!!

Believe me, I will try to fit in creative fun, yard sale stuff and pretties in between, but right now this is what's going on with everything vintage ;)

Thank you for all of those who cheered us on tonight. And as for Stephanie, Cherie and Hope, (my favorite Indiana girls)...

I'm sorry for your loss & I do still love you!!!!

Let me get some rest, get my voice back and nurse Thad back to health and I'll be back soon~

I don't care WHO you are ~ You gotta love 'dem Saints!!!



Leanne said...

Jodie, you were the *first* person I thought of when the Saints won! Of course I was not watching the game. Of course not, the fact that I chose to plan two weeks worth of menus instead of the usual one in front of the TV had NOTHING to do with the Superbowl being on.

Really. :)

Robin Thomas said...

You were the first person I thought of when the Saints won. I am happy for you. Enjoy it girl!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

It's a little after 5 am here in Germany. I'm always up early, make coffe and switch the computer on. The first thing I saw on the screen this morning was the news that the SAINTS had won the superbowl! YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm sure they wouldn't have won if I hadn't cheered them up in my dreams while I was sleeping ;-). Hey, I'm so happy for you! You must have been thrilled! What a shame that your hubby faded out. It's just more fun to share the excitement in pairs. Have fun celebrating! I'll drop you a private e-mail later in the day :-)

Linda said...

I LUV them SAINTS too! Are you going to the parade on Tuesday? We are thinking about going...I'm sure it will be a HUGE party!


jennifer said...

Wasn't that the coolest game? We were THRILLED too!


icandy... said...

Love those CHAMPS!!!

CarLe Etc. said...

Oh Jodie, I'm so Happy and Proud of those SAINTS!!!!! YYYHHHEEEAAAA!!!! I thought of you all day today...and when they won!!! Yes I watched them...I love football...I said,"I wonder if Jodie is online?" Anyway,get some rest and worry about ur man tomorrow....

trash talk said...

Who dat who says who dat when I say who dat?
I can only imagine N.O. during Mardi Gras now!

Embellished Bayou said...

Jodie, you can post about the Saints (or LSU) ANYTIME!! I never had a doubt they would win, but I still can't believe it! I also can't believe your husband missed it!! WHO DAT!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Have just been listening to the radio whilst cooking dinner and I heard that your beloved Saints won.
I did a little happy dance for you - Woohoo!
Sorry Thad was not around to enjoy the fun.
What a time for celebrating and you still have the Mardi Gras!
Have fun, sweet friend.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey there you sweet crazy girl! The Saints won! Man, it is gonna be party time big time in New Orleans. I mean, it's always party time, but with Mardi Gras around the corner, and the Saints winning, it is gonna be one big celebration for quite some time. I thought about you and only you when it came to SuperBowl Sunday. The bad thing was, the game ended just as we got up this morning and the kids didn't get to see any of it. Boo! Poor Thad -- sounds like he certainly started celebrating early, way too early. HA! Well, we've all been there, done that. Hope he isn't paying for it today. Enjoy the week and thanks always for stopping by my little corner of the world. :) Tammy

Linda said...

LOVE THEM SAINTS! I am a huge fan and was so happy tonight. Celebrate Louisiana!! you all deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I know the win was good for NO, Louisiana, and in fact for the whole country. I was rooting here in Ky. for the Saints. It was the best Super bowl game I ever saw. I always watch.

Jessica said...

I *so* thought of you Jodie as I yawned through the game watching it with my husband and waiting for the commercials. ;) Just kidding. It really was a good game! That is too funny that your hubby fell asleep while you cheered through the game! lol

Lori said...

Jodie, i am so happy for you and your team...i almost watched the game just for you...LOL...but i forgot about it...yes, i am just not into football...but i know you have to be really pumped up that your team won...hooray!!!

Theresa said...

I LOVE football and have to admit, I love Peyton Manning:) I was happy to see the Saints win and the fact that it was their first time was awesome! Glad you and your Honey enjoyed the game, just in different ways... hehe! Have a blessed day and enjoy whatever you do!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jodie,

You had me laughing there about your husband. He must be one good sport to ever let you write something like that :-)

Now, I remember a post where you were you were so happy and proud of your team and that you wished for them to go on to the championships and then win it. That the team is more than a team.

Now, I do live very far and no football season h ere - but happy for you! I have been noticing some blogs too that are happy that the Saints won :-)


Debby said...

HI Jodie, I was so excited watching the game and I thought of you often. Poor Thad, he won't be happy when he wakes up and finds out about the awesome game he missed. LOL...Sounds like you had a great little party all on your own. WHO DAT!! I can hardly wait to see the celebration parade tomorrow.

The Victorian Parlor said...

WooHoo Superbowl Champions (my coworkers and I are celebrating this morning over the victory:)! We had our superbowl party at home as well (hubby, me, the dogs, and Kramer) and had a blast watching the game. And what a game it was! Of course, I had to photograph everything for a blog post which didn't go over well with hubby at first because he just wanted to eat:). So needless to say, yes Jodie, there is a Saint-a Claus:)! Go Saints!!!



vintage girl at heart said...

Yay!!! What a game and what a team!!!!
Enjoy the celebration!!!
Will you go to the parade tomorrow???
I would love to go to Mardi Gras..I imagine this year will be one to top them all!!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Dear Auntie Jodie,

Congratualtions on the Saints big win! I must say that it was a bit a nerve-racking night listening to mom and dad holler a lot at the TV. At one point they tried to get me to wear these plastic beads and I said 'no way'! But then the Saints got another touchdown and they forgot all about it. Even the dogs seemed to be having fun (actually I think they were just waiting for food to fall to the floor). Anyway, I'm glad that your team won and we can have some peace and quiet around the house now. I better hide those beads before mom and dad get home from work or they may try and get me to wear them for Mardi Gras!

Purrs and Meows,


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hurray for The Saints!!!
Congrats Jodie!!! :D

Lori said...

psssst: i posted a song in celebration on my blog just for you:)

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!! It does bare repeating. What a game. I was thinking of you and another friend from Louisanna friend. Rooting for the Saints, feeling like a traitor the whole time, lol.
Love dem Saints, Gerri

LiLi M. said...

Yesterday afternoon I was in the movies: the princess and the frog and I thought of you of course and the Saints! And I cheered in the cinema but later I found out that the game still had to begin! But it helped anyway, at least that is what I believe! Congrats to you Jodie!!!

ps. my husband was so impressed by New Orleans in animation( I already was) that a visit to that town is on our bucket list now!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

HA! You are so right. If the Cowboys couldn't be there, I could certainly leave my seat more than once yelling and screaming and cheering for the Saints last night. SuWeeet! Congrats to you. Cuz, I know you are floating on cloud 9. ~Mindy

Julie Ann said...

Woohoo, Jodie!!! My first thought was about you every time they scored!! lol :) I hope you get some rest today from all the excitement last night!

The French Bear said...

Ha ha Jodie, my husband looked at so funny when I said, I just have to check the score on the football game and see how the Saints are doing...... I think he thinks I am turning into a sports freak!!!!
Too funny about your hubby, but like you say, big screen tv, who cares!!!!! It was an awesome game!
Margaret B

Karen said...

You are so funny. And nope - Thad gets no sympathy from me. LOL. What time did you guys start celebrating anyway?
I have NO voice this morning. And I can't imagine he literally slept through you screaming? Did you at least wake him up when they won?
I've had a hectic and crazy morning - UGH! On my way out the door . . .
But guess what I'm doing this next weekend while my family is out in Glamis (yes, I'm home alone for Valentines Day and DO NOT CARE!) Let me give you a hint, I need to wear old jeans and a tshirt, and it's PINK!
:) Have a great day!
and HUGS TO YOU my dear friend! Now - when the Angels win the World Series this coming Fall, I'll expect just as much support and lack of a voice the following morning from you . . . :) said...

I am laughing my bootie off. I swear I was going to put on my blog today.
'who dat say they gonna beat dim saints, who dat' but I knew only the cajun's would get it. Congrats girl! I lived 15 years in & around NOLA so I know...
Thanks for visitng my blog & entering the giveaway. I'll be back. Gotta go read the rest of your blog. Lisa

Kris said...

We were dancing with you in Iowa even tho my favorite 8 year old daughter was born in Indy!!! I was thinking of you and my good Mardi Gras buddies! What a happy night. Kris

vintagesusie said...

Hey Sweet Girl...
Thanks for stopping by the blog, you know I love when you visit!
I must say, I was thinkin bout you yesterday. I had my own reasons for routing on the Saints, like New Orleans just deserves it, but I could imagine just how spectacular a win for the Saints would be for the people who call LA home. I'm so darn happy & excited & joyful for your win...YEAH!!!!!! It really was an AWESOME game & a couple of the turnover in points that happened were like 'Divine' as in from the heavens, Congrats Friend!!
Ya'll so deserve this amazing win!!!! Go Saints!!!!

Mollye said...

Hey girlfriend, Pride.......that is just a word that cannot compare to the love and exuberance felt today by everyone in this state. I'm so glad I quit smoking when I did and watch what foods I eat (most of the time) cause I don't think my ticker could have stood this back in the day !! :) I'm almost speechless and that's real crazy strange for me ya know. Who dat........dats who for tru! XXMollye

Diana Meade said...

Congrats to the Saints and to you who love them so. It did my heart good too. Yea!

KayEllen said...

A very exciting game and well deserved winners!
We enjoyed the game:)Yeah for the Saints!

Kay Ellen

Linda said...

I'm soooooo happy for you sweetie!!! Hooray!! Husband and I don't normally watch any sports, but we did tune in and watch this game and it was a good one!

When I first looked at your picture, I was wondering.... is that a Christmas tree???? But then I read that it's a Saint's Tree - lol. Love that.

Anyway - Congrats!! :)

Love, Linda

A Fanciful Life said...

Hey there, you are funny! Here I was yesterday picturing you with a big 'ol group of people, whooping it up (especially since you took, what 2 or 3 days off to prep for it?!) with so many people and you wound up watching it alone. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself but I know you would whether you were alone or with your friends and family. Well, 3/4 alone... I'm so excited for you - congratulations!!
Sharon :-)

Sandi said...

OK girl, this is my first chance to get to you. Am in Houston and was without internet for a day or so.

YEA!!!!!! WE WON!!!!!
OH MY Gosh!!!!!!