Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's on YOUR creative desk???


DSC_0228 (2)

Inspired by Capital One's commercial of "What's in your wallet?", I thought I'd show you a peek of what's on MY creative desk...since I really have nothing in my wallet of much value to show you, trust me ;)

DSC_0230 (2)

Do you see my cute little muse mouse??? Isn't he just adorable??? Well, that is what I won from Erika at NICO* Designs. She was a wonderful participant in the One World One Heart giveaway and I was the lucky winner. This little cutie has found a comfy place in my studio, front and center on my messy creative desk.

I just love him. {sigh}

I think I will call him Nico. Isn't that a cute name for a mouse? Plus every time I look at him, I will think of Erika ;)

DSC_0231 (3)

Erika is very talented and creates these precious little works of art. She has an etsy shop full of's well worth a visit. I'm so honored to own a piece of her work. Nico has a good home!!!

Erika, if you are reading this...Thank You!!! I love him!!!

DSC_0228 (3)

I have been having a total blast making these little rosettes out of my vintage velvet. They are so soft and silky, nothing like today's "crispy" velvet. I have packs and packs of vintage velvet...unopened. Are you surprised? I just can't open them. So therefore, when I get a few spending bucks, I travel to my favorite store, (one of the last 5 & 10's that are still open in this country) still packed with boxes and boxes of vintage velvet. All sizes and all colors. And the best part? If you dig deep, some of the ribbon has age spots...just like me! ;) If I need a certain color, I buy what's opened already so I won't freak out and not use it when I get home because it's not opened. Silly me. I need therapy. But unopened cords stacked side by side in an old sewing drawer does look pretty, doesn't it?

DSC_0043 (2)

I could do a huge post all about my velvet...I have it every nook and cranny. I just love the stuff.

So now I'm asking...What's on YOUR creative desk???


Into Vintage said...

My creative desk is covered with tons of vintage tablecloths - a huge box of them just came in the mail so now it's time to clean and sort. And sew. BTW - those little velvet rosettes are so pretty. I'm *dying* about the store 'still packed with boxes and boxes of vintage velvet.' sigh... -amy

Leanne said...

My creative desk has a stack of paints, ink and glimmer mist along the back and the work in progress in the foreground (covered with tissue paper to protect it from the sun), along with a little bowl of tchotkes that I seem to think I need on hand but hardly ever use... Um, and then there's the stack of images, the "project list", art journal, various glitters ... yeah, its a mess, but I'm in mid project. I tend to clean up after ....

Where do you get your velvet? I have a very sparse supply (ok, I have a few yardages of velvet cloth in a few different colors) and haven't been able to find any... because those little rosettes are darling!

Jessica said...

I could stare at your desk all day. It's full of pretties! I'm working on a tag swap and I posted a pic of my desk yesterday. What a co-eeen-key-dink. ;)

The Victorian Parlor said...

What's on my creative desk?




NICO Designs said...

Thank you for showing the little mouse. He really was fun to make.

My desk is very messy. I will clear it all away and before I know it the scraps, needles, threads and everything else just seem to show up.

Pierelantijntjes said...

What a beautiful velvet rosettes. And the mouse is so cute.
What is on my creative desk? All the fantastic gifts you gave me!!
Thank you dear Jodie.!
Greetings, Ester

Claudia said...

Love that velvet, Jodie - gorgeous. Let's see, I have a couple of creative areas. The sewing area has fabric for a little slipcover I'm attempting to make for an old ottoman. The other has lots of old magazines that I am going through - ripping out my favorite images to put in an inspiration notebook.


Julie Ann said...

hehehe- the question for me would be "What's *NOT* on your creative desk" lol lol :) It's a giant mess!!! Your Nico is such a cutie!! I love that he's holding a little heart for you, too :) What a great prize!

Linda said...

At the moment all I have is a little table and it's stacked with stuff that needs putting away in the dish closet. I plan to get a work table soon and begin some creative endeavors. Your velvet flowers are divine!!

Anonymous said...

I swear I am going to snap those tabs and open the packages when you walk out of the room one day while Im visiting lol your so silly! I need to make a run to that store soon! hehe big hugs


Theresa said...

OH that tiny mouse is too cute! My Creative desk is empty and I can't seem to get going with anything. I love those little velvet rosettes, and all that beautiful ribbon... gorgeous! Enjoy your day. If I come up with something creative, I'll let you know!

Lori said...

oh, girl!!! all of those velvet are making me wonderful that you have a stash...and a place where you know you can always find some more...lucky you...i work at the dining room table and it is clean...i have to clean up when i am done...or one of the cats will cart of my stuff...i love your wee mouse, he is darling!!!

LiLi M. said...

Love the velvet! I am trying to start with Karla's Alice tag book tags...but I always work best when the tags should be mailed tomorrow or today...I cannot help the mean time I spend way too much time on my computer!

sissie said...

I bet that little mouse just loves being in your studio. He's so cute.
The velvet packages are so beautiful lined up in your machine drawer.
Right now my work table is covered with fabric scraps, buttons, snippets of this and that.
A real mess.


Shelly said...

I'm coming clean,,or should I say "I'm coming messy."

My desk looks like the creative fairies set off a bomb! Are you kidding me?

I live in a almost 100yo home and work in my basement in a finished (circa early 80's playroom for two rambuctious boys.)

And, I am a candidate for the horders show with ribbon,,,,okay and glitter!

I've come to the conclusion I need to clean up when I'm done with one of my creative frenzies and then every ribbon/button/wire/flower/paper,pearl, paint I think I MIGHT want to use ends up on my workspace. It isn't pretty!

One of these days I'll get the crystal chandelier hung and look like Tracey Porter musing over my project and waxing poetically, but don't hold your breath!

Thanks,,,,and sorry, this was kind of like a glitter 12 step program!

Thanks for sharing and LOVE LOVE Love your little muse and your velvet flowers!


Jane said...

I LOVE the velvet ribbon and rosettes....beautiful!!! What are you going to do with all of these beauties??
My creative desk is currently cluttered with some of my Easter ideas. Nothing is getting done's just sitting there, looking at me....and me just looking back. I'm hoping the weekend brings some time for some creating.

Karen said...

Well . . . not vintage velvet! I have NONE! So if you have a mind to - next time you are at your trusty five and ten - pick me up some and I'll pay you for it!!!! And it can be unopened - I'm good with that.
Ewwwwww . . . I'm so jealous.
My desk is actually clear right now because I'm leaving. Well, all my soldering stuff is all over that table, but everything else is put away. Then when I get home . . . it's HUSTLE TIME!!! "Meet and Greets" paper dolls, hostess gifts . . . I know I'm forgetting something but I'll think of it!
HUGS! (You did tell Sophie you were playing with all the velvet right?)

Secondhandrose said...

Oh I wish I had a store like that near me! The velvet must feel wonderful. Come for a visit.


trash talk said...

I know you're not old enough to remember him, but there was a little Italian mouse puppet that would appear on the Ed Sullivan show named Topo Gigio...Nico reminds me of sweet!
OK, I am not playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"! Mine is a mess with nothing to show for it, but crumpled paper!

June said...

Jodie all those velvet flowers stacked up there on your desk make the prettiet pictures. You do need therapy, maybe we could get a group rate,'cause I'm pretty certain there are several of us with similar cases of this malady. Mine is that I can't seem to use any of the vintage millenry that I have collected over the years. It just sits in a jar looking pretty.
On my creative desk I have remnents of my last sewing project, some frayed flowers and my camera ready to have photos downloaded from it. You really can't even see the table at all. I can't create when it looks like this, so I'll be cleaning it soon.
Love your velvet girl.

Annesphamily said...

I love reading about all the creativity you all share! Thanks for sharing.

Caleen said...

I love whats on your creative desk.. I have been making those velvet flowers too.. I don't very much velvet. So fun that you love it so much.. I do too.. My desk right now is a mess.. fun though, because then I know there is a lot going on.. The laptop is there, sewing machine. Old vintage sewing box, lots of tissue and paper flowers for a project I am working on..magazines, lace, the glue gun.. Headbands I have been making. Pins I have been making.. Necklaces too.. It's a crazy mess.. I love it.. Thanks for sharing.. Have a wonderful weekend.. If you ever go to sell some velvet.. let me know..:)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Concratulations on Nico, the cutie! I guess he will bite me with his little teeth when I sneake in to grab some of the wonderful vintage velvet. I could bring Cecil to contain him though ;-)!
Besides my sewing machine, which is permanently on my creative desk, you will find right now some rubberstamps and inks, laces (imagine that ;-)), buttons and vintage papers.
Have a great weekend, Jodie!

A Fanciful Life said...

Uh, cat hair, of course! OK, besides that, a favorite rubber stamp, vintage green stamp pad, bottles of Stickles glitter glue, and my trimmer. All because I had to make a birthday card this morning for a coworker. But if you look at my surrounding furniture, well, there's just all kinds of things but don't you dare call it clutter - haha! Love your tiny mouse, so very sweet. Miss Gracie would love her too...
Sharon :-)

Contessa Kris said...

WEll... now I'm certainly wishing that stack of vintage velvet was on MY desk. Next time you get a hankering to go to the 5 and dime again, holler and I'll send you money for some for me! lol

I just finished creating a shrine thingie and the aftermath is still on my art desk. It's so not pretty mess like yours...

Linda said...

I loved having this peek at your creative desk and I LOVE that little mouse, so much so, that I immediately had to look up her Etsy site. Sooooo cute!

As to my creative desk? I don't have one. :) I haven't done craft items in years. As you know, my craft is my writing.

So.... my creative desk is my laptop or my desktop computer, where I'm constantly writing, or the little pad of paper that I carry in my purse, where I make notes on future subjects.

Happy Friday! :)

Debby said...

I love your creative desk, full of all those beautiful goodies and Nico is a fabulous addition!Checkout that velvet, so yummy! My creative desk is a big fat blank at the moment, need to change that today!

Thank you for your nice post yesterday, means the world to me.

Madison said...

Unfortunately i don't have a creative desk YET!LOL Hopefully when my sisters move out me and my mom will have that be our creative roooom!

icandy... said...

Lookin' good, love! (especially that tiny mousie!)

Mollye said...

Glorious rosettes. Couldn't you just ever swo carefully open the pkgs and pull out a little ribbon and then just as carefully put it back together again to look unopened? I'm sayin I'd be tempted thats all. luvs ya, Mollye

Lee said...

My creative desk is a new project and there is a bunch of ideas laying out there on it as of now...I have missed your jubilant spirit during my bloggy break ... alas ... now semi retired... but I will pop in alot... for me that is... I love you Jodie Lejune...born in October, not June.

Lee said...

I have missed you and mispelled your name...sorry... you know my memory sucks.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

I adore your little mousie ~ Nico is the cutest and love the red love heart.
On my desk I have been making some tags with my French stamps and making them old with coffee stains.

Have a wonderful week
Carolyn said...

Never ending vintage velvet???? That is a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh Jodie ~ I just love your velvet whimsies! Your creative desk is so lovely. Geez, mine? mine is spread out from the studio to a little bench in the foyer to the kitchen island where the sun comes in the best. I am going to paint my studio soon and then I hope to go backwards and end up there once again. But for now, I need the sunshine! Blessings! said...

Ok Jodie,
I am going insane at the thought of finding an old dime store with that kind of loot! Oh please, please take me with you! I am so in love with vintage velvet & ribbon. Wonderful. Lisa

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

I hope you check your older posts to see if you recieved just one more comment :) I'm totally jealous of that vintage velvet stash you have. Eating my heart out, Gerri

deb did it said...

love these delicious velvet posies! your blog is beautiful!