Friday, December 4, 2009

First Christmas Party of the Season...

It's starting to feel a little like Christmas here. Not a 100% though after loosing my Dad recently. He was always, ALWAYS with me for the holidays so I know I will be disappearing to the bathroom for a temporary breakdown as needed when my heart gets filled to the brim with lonesomeness for him. And that's's how I grieve. And, I'll come out with a smile on my face...I always do! ;) 

Yesterday was all a good part of my grieving process...GIVING!!! Oh I love love LOVE to give and yesterday, I was totally TOTALLY in my element! My sister Penny and I (on behalf of the 6 Rougeau children) brought all of these goodies to the staff at the retirement center where my Dad had lived for the past three years...

DSC_0455 (2)

Just walking in with gifts in hand was such an awesome moment. I enjoyed all of the smiles it brought, but mostly the hugs!!! From administration, to the business office, to the nurses and nurse housekeeping, maintenance and dietary, EVERYONE received a gift for the wonderful care that Dad received at the place he was so proud to call his "Home". We passed by each office and department and left with hugs and such wonderful memories of Dad. They loved him there, we could see it in their eyes filled with tears! Yesterday was a good day! For all of us.

And, today they are calling for SNOW! Here in Louisiana! Just a few days ago, we were still wearing shorts!!! But we are excited to see the white stuff fall's NOT the norm!

So yes, it's beginning to feel like Christmas!!!!

DSC_0456 (3)

Ah...tonight will be spent with some of my favorite girls. They are known as the "Grey Goose" ( in Vodka) Girls. They are about 9 years older than me, but they have adopted me and therefore, I am the "Baby Goose".

DSC_0459 (2)

We have shared some good times, such as our once a month girls gone wild "girl's night out" and a wonderful and unforgettable Caribbean Cruise together. They are plum crazy I tell ya and even though I am younger, I still can't keep up with them. Anyway, tonight we are getting together to eat, be merry and to play the "Elephant Exchange". You know the gift game where everyone picks a number and fights for a gift til the end? Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday...I'll have plenty time to recuperate!

I made this necklace and earring set to give as my gift...would you fight for it? ;)

DSC_0465 (2)

Most of the girls have to dress up everyday since they work at law offices and doctor's offices. Sis in law and I are the only ones that work on cars all day so I hope they have something to fight over like a gift card to Wendy's, Sonic or Burger King! haha I could seriously hurt someone for one of those! ;)

DSC_0460 (2)

So how cool is first Christmas party of the season and I'll be driving through the snow to get there? I'm sorry but I am soooo excited about it...stuff like that just don't happen here in Louisiana!!!

DSC_0473 (2)

I have to go deeeep in my closet and pull my biggest coat out. And maybe my boots. And maybe a scarf too!!!! yay! Awe...I don't have a cute little hat nor any gloves to wear. (pout pout)

DSC_0472 (2)

Oh well, I will wrap this jewelry set in this pretty lidded vintage looking book (box) and with that in one hand and a cocktail in the other, I will be having a mighty fun, warm and snow white evening with some of my favorite girls...where will you be tonight????

DSC_0471 (2)

{oh...and don't let anyone tell you that you should think outside of the box!}


Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Tina said...

Have a great time at the party! WE didn't even get any snow up here in North Texas, this go-around ;/ just freezing cold winds...wrap up and stay warm! t

Inspired Comblogulations said...

That was so sweet, I got choked up too at the thought of your family being so generous giving all those gifts to the staff.

It is cold here too, we have been invited out to eat at my new daughter in laws and son's house, you know my Le Ch√Ęteau Chef, so it will be goooood! Of course we will have to travel all the way next door.

I am sure your earrings and necklace will be a huge hit, I love it. You are so talented. Have fun and stay warm.

A Nest With A View said...

Lovely heart you have. Grieve, repeat as necessary.

Geralyn Gray said... are so nice to think of all who took care of your dad......this will be a hard holiday season for you, but I think when you are a giver like you will get the most of the season......Thanks for being you!!!!!!

smnavarro said...

Jodie, you are just so sweet. I love to see people's reaction when they receive something unexpected.

What a great group of women to be adopted by! They will definitely be fighting over your gift; I know I would! Snow is LA, what a treat. Didn't it snow last year as well? I saved a ton of pics that had been posted on line. My fave was a snow-capped wrought iron fleur de lis - FabUlous!

Sue said...

I would totally fight for that earring and necklace set!

Reading your post about gifting at the retirement home brought back many bittersweet memories. The folks who work at retirement homes are truly a special breed - tireless and patient. I am sure they were thrilled with your gifts.

Sending you tons of holiday hugs!
Sue E.

(they are talking snow up here in Baltimore tomorrow too! Whee!!!!)

June said...

Jodie I would so fight over that gorgeous thing. It sounds like so much fun with the girls. I had my first girls party last night! We laughed and talked so much that my face aches today. You know that grinnin' headache one gets after laughing all night. My situation is the opposite of yours. These girls are all about 10 to 15 years younger that I am. Don't know why they let this 'old chick' hang with them, but I'm glad they do!
Have a great time in the snow!
What awwesome gifts you shared to show your gratitude to these wonderful people.

Lynnae said...

What thoughtful and sweet children you are. Your father would be pleased.
As for the party, I think your jewelry will cause a brawl! I would settle for the card the earrings are on!
I just read your pages today in Artful Blogging. They were lovely and it feels like a brush with fame because I already read your blog.

trash talk said...

Jodie, my cajun sweetheart,
In time darlin', in time. What a beautiful person your daddy must have been to have instilled in his children the gift of giving. Y'all are pretty special and pretty, well, pretty!
I just have one more thing to I wouldn't fight for the earrings and necklace...I'd kill!

A Fanciful Life said...

Well Miss Jodie... that was so wonderful what your family did for your dad's home. How appreciative they must have been knowing how much it meant to you to have people like that caring for your dad. It made me tear up a bit. I am glad you are able to enjoy the season and are starting off with a party. How much fun that sounds! There will definitely be a fight over those earrings - ha! Enjoy your weekend, my dear!

Sharon and Miss Gracie, too :-)

DeeDee said...

Thanks so much for stopping in for a visit...I love the white stuff especially when I am not traveling in it..hehehe! I just loved that you took the gifts to your dads home....I did this with the cancer center my Mom attended and it brought such warmth to my heart for these people that took such good care of her.......Happy Holidays and know I will have you in my prayers for loving memories shared with your dad...hugs.

you jewelery is awesome....

Linda said...

Dear Jodie,
This is such a marvelous post - it makes me cry and laugh. You're brilliant.

I love that you brought beautiful gifts in for the staff, I agree with you fully about grieving, and I love your sense of humor that goes on.

The jewelry you made is gorgeous!!! I trust you had a great time with your dear friends and that you're feeling okay this morning. ;)

Last night, I attended our town's first lighted Christmas parade around the little downtown and watched daughter and friends ride on a band float, playing festive music. My Aunt Maxine was on my mind, as she had suffered a massive stroke earlier in the day. I met a woman on the street while watching the parade and as we were chatting, she looked just like Aunt Maxine to me.

I arrived home to learn that she had passed away in the evening while we were out.

She was one of my Mom's last three remaining sisters. One of the two now that remain is also in really bad shape, so there could easily be 2 funerals before Christmas.

I'm learning more and more that life goes on despite December. December, with all of it's festivities, is actually just another month in the scheme of time and life happens regardless.

I hope you have a blessed weekend and that the remainder of the month brings more relaxing fun for you (and me too) :-)


Jane said...

What a wonderful gift that you and your family gave to all of the people that helped care for your Dad. It can be easy to forget that they all lost someone that they loved and cared for and your gift was a wonderful way to express your gratitude and share together what your Dad meant to all of you!! Beautiful!!!
Have a wonderful time with your Grey Goose friends! Sounds like a great group of women.

Julie Ann said...

How wonderful you and your family were able to brighten everyone's day while sharing memories of your dad!! I am sure that it warmed you from the inside out! And just in time for the snow :) I hope you had a wonderful evening at the Christmas party- you'll have to let us know what you brought home!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I can remember snow in Slidell oh so many years ago. That was certainly cause for celebration. Enjoy! Your girls nite sounds like a lot of fun. Your necklace and earrings are beautiful. Definitely my kinda gift. What a wonderful feeling you and Penny must have gotten from delivering such fantastic gifts to the staff at the nursing home. What a thoughtful and wonderful thing to do. Blessings to you and yours, :) Tammy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

What a lovely post ~ I loved it that you gave gifts to the Home, what a beautiful and special thing to do.
Also your Christmas party sounds like fun ~ your gift you are giving is beautiful. Have fun and do wrap up warm going out in the snow.

Have a fabulous weekend

UberArt said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad! And such lovely jewelry!

zandra said...

You are so sweet to think of others while you are still suffering. I'm sure they loved your visit. Sounds like your having a wintery fun night! I am too! I'm taking classes with Carol Wingert. I;ll share soon on my blog! Enjoy the snow, we're getting it, too! ;o)
Hugz, Z

KayEllen said...

You have a wonderful weekend too!!!

I love the snow:) We have to drive about an hour up to the mountains to see snow but always worth the drive...

Have fun at your party:)


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Jodie, I'm so glad you're feeling like going out for some fun! Oh, I'd fight big time for those jewels girl, just beautiful! Hope you had a great time and tried to stay out of trouble. te he!
AND what a sweetie you are to bless everyone at the retirement home. I'm sure that little gesture meant so much.

vintagesusie said...

I would pull someone's hair out to get that gift, are you kidding??? It's fabulushous!!! LOL I'm the one who's mommy is Jodie & daddy's Ev...I figured out your EV is for Everything Vintage...duh. It still looks so pretty on your photos, I love the font & it does remind me of him everytime I look on your blog. Stay warm, bundle up & have a blast at your Elephant Exchange Party...I haven't been to 1 in years & it sounds soooo fun! :)

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Jodie, I hope you had the BEST TIME EVER with the Grey Goose Girls!!! I have to tell you ... your precious gift is worth fighting over!!!! hugs and love, Dawn


Nice of you to be in the giving spirit , it really is better to give than recive. How funny , you spent a loot at Victorian Trading co. I hope you share with us what you bought when you get it. Have a blessed day!

Mollye said...

Hey Jodie, Yep you got snow and us yankees way up here in Shreveport got nary a bit! Pooh.......... Usually the other way around isn't it. And I do love the jewelry. You did good and be there was lots of scratching and screeching with those wild and crazy gals over that bling bling! Take care of yourself and what a wonderful thing for you all to remember your Dad's other "family". Happy Holidays, Mollye

The Victorian Parlor said...

Heck yeah I'd fight for that necklace and earrings! I might actually have to engage in a wrestling match for them! They are gorgeous! Sorry I have been absentee but I got strep throat AGAIN last week. Needless to say I am sick of being sick-lol:). BTW, we loved the Christmas card-it's so classically Lousiana:)!


Oops-I almost forgot-Kramer said he would get into a major cat fight over that necklace although he seems to think it would be more interesting with a catnip mouse dangling from it:).

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweets! I love the jewelry I know the Grey Goose girls were fighting over it! hehe I hope you had a blast out with them! I need to find me some adpoting friends. hehe That was so sweet to give those gifts to the nursing home. Come by and visit me soon I miss hearing from you! hugs


Stephanie O. said...

Hey, did you get the snow today? We got a light dusting over some ice which made the morning a mess here...Yes, I would fight someone over the necklace and earrings---not to mention the cool book box that they are packaged in!!!

Frippery said...

How wonderful for the recipients of your generosity. A true Christmas party. Oh those Grey Geese sound like fun. I would fight over your gifts. We do the same thing for our Bunco Christmas party. Glad you are enjoying the Holidays even in your grief. Love ya, Pam

Karen said...

GORGEOUS! Nothing else needs to be said.
SO did you get to drive through the snow? YAY!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Thanks for sharing your trip, great pictures. I especially loved you jewlry for the gift and the German Glass Glitter shaker's. I've got to get some of those, I don't know where though.


Christine Edwards said...

Your party sounds like lots of fun, and yes, I would definitely fight over those earrings and necklace!

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