Wednesday, November 4, 2009

With the Stroke of a Pen...


DSC_0184 (2)

I can leave you with

an everlasting thought.

DSC_0190 (2)

I can tell you

my deepest secrets.

DSC_0192 (2)

I can let you into

my heart, my soul, my mind.

DSC_0193 (2)

I can express to you

any of my feelings whatsoever...

DSC_0195 (2)

All through the stroke of a pen.


This is deep, huh? Yeah, I know. But it's so true.

The pen is such a beautiful object. Think about it...

When placed between the tips of fingers, it is our aid in creating thoughtful words which are permanently attached to paper with the beauty of ink.

Our thoughts and ideas or stories and poems begin to come to fruition through the gentle swaying motion, leaving something interesting to tell for everyone to read.

Oh, don't even get me started talking about a blank sheet of paper. Every sheet of paper could be holding the works of the next great author. But of course...not without the stroke of the pen.

Can we think of our keyboard in the same light? Can a keyboard reflect our individuality and style in such a way as the pen? Well...this morning when I logged into my blog, today's post was a blank slate and I created this...with the help of my keyboard and with the stoke of a pen.


I'm asking you to pick up that lonely pen and write something other than your grocery list or list of things to do today!


Even through the ever changing reality of technology, I hope to never loose my individuality or style. I wish the same for you ;)


trash talk said...


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh yes, Jodie, deep and wonderful thoughts! You have a gorgeous antique ink well set. I love these. I have an antique one also, but this is something that I never SEE anywhere. Love your "doodles", girl, they tell us so much about you, especially the daisy at the bottom!
Have a wonderful day sweetie,

Geralyn Gray said...

Sadly, I just used my pen to write the bills and a couple of sympathy cards........but, glady I picked up a pen and wrote my response for a wedding and shower card......I was going to make some cards today but instead going to Atlantic City to play some slots--I am hoping I am as lucky as you were in a previous post....and I like you own a glass pen---almost as afraid to use it as you are of glitter!!!!!!!

Inspired Comblogulations said...

I agree, well said. A journal or love letter even if it's never sent but stored to be discovered at another time.
Great post.

my cup of tea said...

Well said! Thank you so much for that reminder! Your photos are just beautiful! Have a great day!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Your post is thoughtful. It is sad to realize that the pen and ink, and letter or note writing is becoming "vintage" too. A process some think may be time-consuming in this fast-paced world of ours.

Linda said...

I love that you wrote about this - it's so true.

Though I must confess, for me, I much prefer the click of the keyboard nowdays because it makes it so much easier with writing my articles - I honestly can't imagine writing them any other way and I also can't write with a pen or pencil for more than a few minutes without developing a horrible cramp in my hand. I don't experience that sensation on the keyboard.

But I love to have handwritten items in my possession - like my old love notes, cards from family members who no longer exist on this earth, a recipe written by my Grandma (the only Grandparent I ever knew). ♥

The French Bear said...

Jodie, I just did a letter swap with Anna from the UK, it was so neat, we actually wrote letters to one another!
I will be posting about it.
Margaret B

T's Daily Treasures said...

What I want to know is how long did it take you to come up with this post? My brain just is not as creative as yours. :) So beautiful ! And yes, the art of writing letters is certainly falling to the wayside with computer use. My mom has beautiful handwriting -- it takes her forever to write a note, but she still send the kids cards and letters, all handwritten. I much prefer the keyboard as my handwriting is so bad. My brain works faster than my writing hand, and my keyboard hands work faster than my brain sometimes. Hope things are well on your side of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

LiLi M. said...

I'll do that! It's a shame that I always write lists...I love that set too, I just love things to write, vintage stuff, old and new notebooks...writing just makes me happy!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Very insightful! I find it easier to be creative with my writing on the keyboard (my mind moves too fast when writing with pen and paper as my hand can't get everything down before I forget the thought-or is it that my hand is moving fast enough but my memory is bad?). Either way, I do better on the keyboard-lol!

BTW, thanks for your wonderful comments-you always make me smile! There is much more to the story that I will have to share with you via email:).



Jane said...

A beautiful post. There is something wonderful about the enduring nature of the handwritten letter but unfortunately I think it is almost obsolete now. I had the best time a couple of weeks ago when I came across a huge envelope of letters that I saved during my years in college. I found several from my grandmother, my mother, and numerous hilarious ones from my younger sister who was obviously writing letters during her high school classes instead of paying attention to class. I called her up and read some of the letters to her and we shared a really good laugh. I just don't see this happening 30 years from now with our emails.
Thanks for a great post.

Lori said...

Jodie, what a beautiful, thoughtful post...i have to confess that i don't write much at all unless i am at work...i prefer to write in writing somehow looks better in pencil...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Your post is beautiful and you are a Girl after my own heart.
I love my Calligraphy pen and inks and just love to sit down and write something nice.
I was thinking of doing a post about this, the other day when I was trying to think of something.

I hope that you are doing well, dear friend. Thoughts are with you and your dear Dad.


Sares said...

Great post! I'm more of a visual person, so when I draw a bank at posting, I go to my pictures. I do however love pens and paper and notepads and stationery. I could spend hours in the old stationery store isle looking at all the pens lined up all color co-ordinated and loveleigh!

Bottega Veneta said...


The Green Pea said...

Great post, I will be a new follower. sandi

Anonymous said...

Oh true! Very true Jodie.

Jose Rizal (our National hero) once said, "The pen is mightier that the sword".

One's composition/writing is a treasure in itself. It is like a peek . . . a window to that person. ANd it lasts, it lasts a lifetime.

To express yourself or to let someone see your eyes is something to be amazed.

And thanks to technology, we now have blogs - when used for it's goodness, we are able to share our thoughts with others (wherever they are) :-)


(love the pen and ink holder in the photos and those tiny bottles sealed)

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh Jodie you are so right, the pen is so powerful. I miss the written word but welcome my new age laptop too, hopefully we will keep both.
Now, have a WONDERFUL time at Silver Bella, I will be stalking you for all the fun things you will be doing and learning.
Just a word of caution....if that darling tea set is missing when you return don't look at me:)
Maybe I will hold it hostage to make sure you visit me in Northern Michigan. HAVE FUN dear friend!

Cherie Wilson said...

Jodie! My sentiments exactly! Jenny Doh wrote in a Sommerset magazine this past year about George Bernard Shaw. She commented that he believed in creativity that changed the world~ that art could move people~ whole communities or the world at large. He was more passionate about making a difference and moving people to a new and a better place thru art than being famous! Anyway, this is to paraphrase but your post remeinded me of that. Thanks for that!
Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Bella my sister! XO

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Jodie - these words are music to my soul. I love you Jodie