Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 24


Oh dear, please forgive me but it's Saturday and I had the privilege of sleeping late this morning!!! Anything past 8am is late in my book. ;)

Today is a beautiful day. Yesterday was even a more beautiful day. Dad had another surgery and everything went fine, but he will probably have at least one more surgery to come again soon. Also, yesterday was my niece's high school homecoming. She is a Junior Maid on homecoming court and I spent the day with her celebrating! Of course tomorrow, get ready to hear all about it...I have a LOT of bragging to do!!!! ;)

Oh heck...I just can't help's a sneak peek!

DSC_0223 (2)

Isn't she beautiful? And if you are wondering, YES...that IS her REAL hair color! What we wouldn't pay to look like that, right? ;)

So this morning, I woke up to another beautiful day. I sat on the floor and I opened a present (one of 3) from Sandy in the morning sunlight. Don't you just love the morning sunlight?


I ripped open the priority envelope and found this...


Does she love me or what? She KNOWS it's my birthday MONTH! ;)

DSC_0286 (2)

Are you ready for what you are about to see?

I'm warning you now...

  • What you are about to see is gorgeous!
  • You ARE going to be SO jealous!
  • You are going to wish you knew where I lived so you could come steal it while I'm sleeping!
  • I will not be responsible for any irregular breathing this may cause you...

I'll take it slow for you...


Are you still there?

DSC_0288 goes. This is the full cover...Don't forget to breathe!


Isn't this beautiful? This is an album, sort of an autograph album from 1901! Yes...1901!!!!

It once belonged to Stella Logue of First Fork, Pa.


And was given to her by C. E. Logue on January 11, 1901


She had many friends and family members sign her beautiful album...

DSC_0293 (2)

First Fork, Pa. ~ January 1901

My dear Stella,

Remember this, and bear in mind

A true friend is hard to find.

There you find one good & true

Changes not our old one for a new.

Ever your friend,

Maude E.

I turned the brittle thin pages to read some more...

DSC_0294 (2)

First Fork, Pa. ~ January 1901

Dear Stella:

To yourself be true

And it shall follow as the night the day.

Thou can not they be false to anyone.

Your friend,


And as I turned the pages, little bits of the page flaked to the floor.

DSC_0295 (2)

First Fork, Pa. ~ January 26, 1901

Dear Stella,

When your standing at the tub,

think of me before you rub.

Your Friend,


I love the beautiful handwriting and aging around the edges...

DSC_0297 (2)

First Fork, Pa. ~ January 17, 1913

Miss Stella Logue,

School Teacher at Wharton, Pa.

Just think of me. "Sit."

C.A. Berfield


And I love the fragility at my fingertips.

DSC_0298 (2)

First Fork, Pa. ~ January 18, 1902

Dear Stella,

A little boy was dreaming

upon his nurse's lap,

That all the starts dropped

from the sky

and fell into his cap.

every your friend,

Lottie Caldwell

I love the time worn and lovingly aged pages...

DSC_0299 (2)

First Fork

October 29, 1906

Remember me when far far off when

woodpecker died of whooping cough.

James F. Lamb Jr.

I love the innocence of it all.

I love that I have a piece of 108 years of history.

I love that I have a part of someone's life.

I love that Sandy rescued this from someone who may not appreciate it as much as I do.

I love that even though Stella may be gone from this world, she is still being thought of today, in such a loving way.

It's amazing what the morning light brings, even after a century has passed.

What little sentiments are you leaving behind for others to find?


Belinda said...

Payton is beautiful!!! Your present is almost as pretty.Enjoy

Anonymous said...

Wow you are right that is priceless. I wish I had a place to shop for things that special. We have some antiques store, but I have never found anything like that. Maybe I haven't been looking.

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a wonderul piece of history. The writing so beautiful. And the sentiments are nothing like what would be written in this day and age. Amazing! How fortunate that Sandy found something so special just for you. It makes me want to create my own "album" for the sentiment of friends so that I will have something to read and treasure and one day leave behind for the joy of others. :) Blessings to you, Tammy


Your niese is stunning. oh to be young again. lovely post!

NicNacManiac said...

Your niece is beautiful and so is that lovely book you were spoiled with!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Your niece is beautiful and I hope that you have a special day with her.
Your present today is wonderful and what a lovely thing to have all that history and the beautiful writing and sentiments.

Happy weekend

blushing rose said...

Now she is model material IF I ever saw one! Beautiful!

How sweet a gift for your birthday. I have my G'ma Maggie's & cherish it.

Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

June said...

Hi Auntie Jodie,
Your Payton is a doll just like you! She sure looks beautiful in a hat!
The album is drop dead gorgeous and it's pages are full of wonderful little sentiments to a woman who must of been worthy of them. Thank you for sharing.

Jane said... are so right...I am extremely jealous of that autograph album!! That cover is beautiful and the sentiments that were written in it are priceless. Stella would be extremely pleased to know that her little album is in the hands of someone who will take care of it and treasure it.
Hope your niece had a wonderful time at homecoming...she looked very pretty.

Sandi said...

Awesome. The niece and the album.


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that?
I haven't figured out how to sign my name in caligraphy on my blog, much less write it for real.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I love old letters, journals, scrapbooks, autograph books. They let me into an ordinary life and I wonder so about the people. What happened to Stella and her friends?
What an amazing treasure your friend gave to you. Thanks ever so for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

soo beautiful!!! I have a little award for you over on my blog sweets! hugs


trash talk said...

Jodie, I love everything about this gift. The age, the colors, the fragility of the pages, the handwriting, the sentiments...I could go on and on! Why oh why, don't we still do that? Who is going to save all our old e-mails??? There is something about the written word that can never be matter how hard we try to obliterate it! Thank goodness, your sweet people haven't forgotten how to write!

from our front porch... said...

I love, love, love things like that! Lucky birthday girl you are!

Your niece is a beauty. Can't wait to see pics of the big event!
Thanks for stopping by my front porch...hope to see you often :)

I'll be back soon!

Geralyn Gray said...

Sandy spoils you.....Kaylyn (my daughter) recv'd her grandmothers autograph book from high school..( I have my grandmothers) and of course I have mine from elementary school. My husband and I were cracking up at a lot of the your book I love the one that says when you are standing at the tub think of me before you rub----too funny!!!!!

Stephanie O. said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. I loved reading what was written in the album. So sweet...

The Victorian Parlor said...

It's beautiful! What a wonderful gift! I think I may have to hop in the car with Kramer and commit a 'cat burglury'-lol:).

Bithday Blessings,


Karen said...

Ewwwwwwww (squeal!)
You KNOW I think that is just to die for! Me and my history - there is just something so . . . I can't think of the right word at the moment. But to hold something from so long ago, to read what these people wrote, and wonder about each and every one of them . . . who they were, what was the occasion, what were thinking, where are their families now?
What a treasure. That is just wonderful!