Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 16

Well Good Morning!

It's a whopping 64 degrees here in Louisiana


DSC_0203 (2)

Sorry to disappoint you today, but I am back! I see that little Oreo was quite a Blog Star yesterday! Thank you for all of the comments you left for her, she now has a big poofy head because of them. And, I'm feeling a little jealous as I can barely rack up almost 30 comments in one post! ;)

It's Friday and I'm late for work as usual. Since the weather was so cool this morning, I thought I'd be lazy and lounge around (and I'm doing a good job of it too).

So how about we open another birthday present? You want to? Geez, I sure don't have to pull your leg this morning do I?

DSC_0151 (2)

This is a "two in one" present. I got this 10" laptop as an early birthday present from the boys. I wanted it early so I could bring it to the  Tidbits and Tassels retreat in August hosted by Chantal.

Then, Brett (my sweet son) gave me the carrying case for my birthday so I would have something to open up the day of. How thoughtful right?


Well, the real story is...I used to own a 17" laptop until the boys stole it to bring to the races to program the race car. hmpf! I got it back and it was scratched and dirty...eewwww. So I pouted. And pouted. (that really works by the way!) Now I have my own little 10" which I AM IN LOVE WITH! The big and bulky 17" is now theirs for the keeping! I really think I came out ahead :)

Sorry that this post was short and sweet and not as witty as Oreo's was. I told you that I was being lazy today! I want to be rested for the big day tomorrow. Sarah, Sandi and I are headed for the 7-mile yard sale (Grand Coteau to Arnaudville) EARLY tomorrow morning! I promise to take lots of photos and take you along with me!!! :)

I hope you have plans of doing something fun this weekend too ~ Have a good one!!!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Have fun and remember to take photos of the great junk!

Sandi said...

Is it chilly or what. YEAAAAA!!!!!!

Finally. Again I'm jealous. I have been telling Patrick I need a laptop of my own.

Can't wait till tomorrow. Planning on taking a nap today to prepare for a day of shopping fun.

Impatient Cajun

Anonymous said...

I hope to get one of those lil babies this Christmas! I loved using it at the hotel! Cant wait for tomorrow! I just got done cleaning my whole house(like its huge or something haha) and now just realizig and having the windows open...augh I hope its breezy like this tomorrow!


Linda said...

It's only in the 30's/40's here but I'm really enjoying it because I love all of the seasons.

30 comments in one post? I think the most I ever received was 16 and that only once ever - usually only one or two, if any. :P

You sure are spoiled. I thought I was the only one as spoiled as you, LOL. :D

Seriously though, I'm glad you're having a great Birthday month! Savor every second. ♥

June said...

Good morning Jodie,
What a gift. Your guys sure know how to spoil a girl. Sounds like you raised a sweetheart in Brett.

I hope you and your pals have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you share a little of it with us.

Jane said...

Have a wonderful time at that 7 mile garage sale tomorrow....I can't wait to see hear the fun stories and see all the fabulous finds....lucky girl!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a cute little computer! I haven't had much time to get on today and now the internet is not cooperating to allow me to post pictures. Have a great day at the 7 mile yard sale. I have no doubt you will come away with some amazing things. All the best, :) Tammy

Sares said...

What a cute computer! I think these are becoming more popular, especially for people that travel. Have fun on your shopping adventure tomorrow!

trash talk said...

I am so jealous! Not that you got 10"...of computer, but that you can use a laptop. I get so frustrated with the mouse! I know, I know...I'm an old fogey!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the could change in an instant!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I love that you celebrate your birthday all month long! I'm celebrating right along with ya!
Congrats on the swell loot!

Jessica said...

Oooh- new laptops are fun! :) You know, I wouldn't even have to pout too much my hubby would go right out and buy it- he loves techy stuff.