Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headline News: Zandra is Out of Control!

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be posting about my trip to Texas BUT...I just had to share this with all of you because I am sooo excited, sniffly, full of joy tears, and so honored that such a sweet person who I have JUST met would do something so wonderful for me! This is totally unimaginable and such a sweet surprise.

Okay are you ready? I'm sure you scrolled down already and peeked, shame on you but isn't this like THE coolest thing?

Copy of IMG_3267

Okay, let me explain...

See that sweet girl with the beautiful smile on the right? I would like to introduce you to my friend Zandra (who is indeed joyfully out of control ;)  And of course...the doll on the left is THE one and only Tim Holtz, (Ranger) and coolest artist of all time in MY book.

Well Zandra attended Creative Escape (an art event) in Arizona last weekend. Prior to her leaving, the two of us were just emailing back and forth, wishing each other safe travels and I asked her for a small favor. (however I had NO idea what she would do instead) You see, Zandra posted photos of her Creative Escape weekend of last year and I noticed a photo taken of her and Tim. I told her how lucky she was and my favor from her this year was....I just wanted her to touch him for me. Yep, just touch Tim for me...sounds crazy, I know ;) I think of him like a rock star...just to be in the same room as him, I know I would faint, or make a fool of myself, or just stutter in his face. So, just a touch would be nice.

Zandra comes back and posts about her lovely artsy weekend yesterday and when I read her post last night...I totally FREAKED out, (and that is putting it mildly!) Can you believe that she actually thought of me enough to make a sign, take a picture with Tim, and have him autograph it for me? So are you getting the whole picture? This means he knows I exist, he's pointing to MY name, he took a picture just for ME, AND he signed my little sign? I will SO be stalking that little mailman EVERY day...!!!

I'm all bruised up from falling on the floor, over and over again every time I look at this photo :) I've never been happier to get a bruise I tell ya!!!!

How could I possibly thank Zandra enough for this sweet surprise? Never in a million dreams would I have expected such an awesome gesture from a friend of whom I've only known for about 2 months.

So before I end this post, I must thank Geralyn for introducing me to Zandra (& sharing her with all of us). Now my life will never be the same :)

Sometimes, just one simple gesture, one thought, or one sweet word is totally priceless.

If you get a chance, stop by Zandra's's a wonderful and creative place to visit!!!!

I'll try and stay on track in posting about my Texas weekend, Tidbits & Tassels!!! I'll try...


Geralyn Gray said...

So funny........almost as funny as your glitter post. I can't wait to see your pics from Texas and the projects Zandra made at Creative Escape.

Lou Cinda said...

How fun and AWESOME! I'm gonna go visit her blog now!!


Lou Cinda :)

P.S. But I think he would be lucky to have your autograph too!

Lori said...

how wonderful!!! what a good friend to do something so nice for you:)

Hope Ellington said...

OK...that is one of the most neat & special stories I have ever heard. I was laughing and crying thinking of the joy you must have been feeling. Oh yea...I am on pins & needles to see your Texas pictures!

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a great surpirse! I love it!!!



Frippery said...

Now, if we touch you does that mean we have 3 degrees of separation from Tim? Zandra is a doll! Hugs, Pam

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

You're famous. It's Tim Holtz. His distressing inks are on my dresser for goodness sake! I do play with distressing inks 'cause they're not as messy as glitter. ;) Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask you, do you emboss? Embossing powder can be pretty messy, too. I do once in a while! lol
Another question, could you have Zandra to add Jessica to the sign next time she sees him? ;D

zandra said...

Hello???? Earth to Jodie? you got my email right??? Anyone spotting Jodie on cloud 9 ~if so, bring her back to earth! LOL You make me "SMILE" so much! Glad we got to know each other! Hugz, Z

Karen Valentine said...

Just one more reason I love being a part of blogland. That was such a wonderful story and such a thoughtful gesture from Zandra! I'm so very happy for!

My Desert Cottage

Stephanie O. said...

This is great...I'm hopping over to her blog now for a visit. Glad you got the package!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved that story. I agree you never know what will happen in blogland. I think I will check out Zandra too. I don't know this Tim, I think I need to find out about him.

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Oh, how lucky can you get? I was reading his blog just the other day where he was telling about going to Arizona. I want to touch the paper that he signed for you. Yep, if he only knew how many of us are out here, he would have some T-shirts and a fan club up on the net someplace.

The bruises you have are well worth it. How lovely for Zandra to do such a thoughtful thing for you. Love your writing (red pen hidden). LOL

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Jodie, what fun!
I loved this story and yes, we can wait for Part 2 of the Texas travels, when something as important as this has taken place.
Maybe you might be able to meet him next time with Zandra.

Are you going to frame that card when you get it?


common ground said...

Aaahhhh shucks, girl, you're so sweet! Wouldn't you just love to get together with everyone and have a REAL LIVE party? I really envy the Texas gals that get to go to Junk Prom and they all have a blast...maybe someday!
P.S. Are you up off the floor yet?

common ground said...
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A Fanciful Life said...

What a great surprise! Maybe you can send him a photo back of you with the sign, or maybe just you swooning! Or how about if you photoshop yourself into the photo? Ok, I guess you can tell I'm tired so off to bed for me. Enjoy the ride with Tim, lucky girl!
Sharon :-)

Barbara Jacksier said...

Hi I jusy stopped by from Mermaid's place to read your version of the GREAT road trip. But, THIS was even more interesting. Thanks for turning me on to Zandra and Tim.

Linda said...

You crack me up. :D How fun!

trash talk said...

So I guess that makes you famous through association and you won't have time for us little people now, right?
That is probably one of the sweetest and (cutest) things I've heard of someone doing in a long time. You are one blessed lady, did you know that?
Did you have to tie yourself to a chair to keep from floating over the moon?
You know if the note had been written on a paper plate....!!!
P.S. I'm so sorry I was under the weather while you were in Texas...remind me I owe you a beer...or two... at Zapp!