Sunday, September 6, 2009

Full of Inspiration & Creativity...

This is the second to last post of my weekend at Chantal's for her Tidbits and Tassels art retreat in Texas last weekend. For those who have followed me this far, thank you! I appreciate all the comments, all of the followers, and all of the lurkers too! (you know who you are, I used to be one too! And it's okay!!!  ;)

Anywho, today I want to show you what we created. IF I could tell you how much fun we had while creating, you wouldn't believe me!

Well just look at the photos, maybe you will...let's play! Shall we?

DSC_0058 (2)

Above: Tassel made by Chantal Johnson

This is our lovely hostess, Mrs. Chantal herself...

DSC_0076 (2)

She's gearing us up for the fun ahead! See that basket on her left?

DSC_0073 (2)

Oh okay, now you can see it right? On the left in the gold goody bags were the sweet little notions to make our cards. On the right in the clear bags were some beautiful ribbons to make our tassels! She had everything we needed...and more! Lots more! Let's go play outside shall we???

This was our wonderful table outside under her beautiful patio...

DSC_0078 (3)

And this was the sweet place setting, one for each of us. Underneath the welcome note was a paper tablet to use as a craft neat!!! I just loved that idea! Details, details, details!!!

DSC_0081 (2)

Then if that weren't enough, she had this cute little side table set up with more tidbits available for us to use! Isn't that so generous of her?

DSC_0082 (2)

AND, she offered us anything out of her studio too!

DSC_0083 (2)

Paper, ribbons, sheet music, book pages, and bling...

DSC_0084 (2)

Wood letters, type writer keys, and cork crowns...

DSC_0085 (2)

Metals and crystals all arranged beautifully in glass on silver trays! Simply set for creative Queens!!!

Oh, and let's not forget the birds and scrabble tiles!

DSC_0162 (2)

Our first project, we were to make precious little cards like these...


and these...

DSC_0138 (2)

So we opened our little goody bags filled with this...


Broke out our creating tools...

DSC_0125 (2)

And with a little creativity, my card soon looked like this...

DSC_0121 (2)

And, our sweet little table began to look like this...


And Chantal's studio table began to look like this...


Which ONLY proves that we were having FUN!!! Oh don't believe me?

Well then, just have look at Chantal's mom, Maryse...


And Susan...


And Rita...


And Heather...


And Sarah...

DSC_0128 (2)

And Chantal (left), and Ann Michelle (right)...


And me? Well of course there is no photo of me but I can promise you that I am happy right here behind the camera!!! This way, I get to snoop and see what everyone else is up to. Trust me, I'm through with my projects...see? My little corner of the table is cleaned up with my card and my tassel lying there in the bottom left corner...Now you KNOW how much I really suffer from OCD!  (look at the rest of the table...I can't bear it I tell ya!)     ;)


So here's a close up of my projects. See the "P" typewriter key on the tassel? I made that tassel especially for my little niece Payton.

DSC_0159 (2)

I wanted to thank her for being such a wonderful niece and for being such a wonderful creative partner with me. I think she's the only person in the world that can make me stay up past my bedtime and I don't regret it in the morning! Little did I know that when I would return home from Texas, she would call me and tell me that she made HOMECOMING COURT at her high school!!! So I was even more thrilled and even more proud of her! Not to mention she's a 4.0+ student...wait...can I be more proud of her than I already am?  :)  I'm just a VERY proud Auntie! Can't you tell?

Okay, now you know I have ADD in addition to my OCD...I tend to jump off the subject so let's get back to the play time with the girls ;)

Final photos of the creative Queens with the goodies...

back row, left to right:        Jodie, Maryse, Chantal, Sarah

front row, left to right:       Ann Michelle, Heather, Rita, Susan

DSC_0171 (2)

Some eyes were closed? Let's try another one...

DSC_0172 (2)

Yay! ;)

Well friends, soon after this photo, we called it a day. What a wonderful day it was indeed.

I hope you had fun coming along with me for the past three posts. It was a pleasure sharing my fun with you too!

Thanks again to Chantal for a wonderful weekend!!!

ps...if there is ever a Tidbits & Tassels #2, I am so there! ;)


common ground said...

Sooooo much fun! Gosh you all are so darn talented, AND fortunate to be with great gifted people. Love all your great creations... and hope no glitter was used in the making of this post!

Lori said...

what a wonderful event!!! it looks like everyone left with a fabulous creation...and had a lot of fun being together to create...thanks for sharing the fun Jodie!!!

Sandi said...

You so need to let me know when you plan on going to the next one like this. I would so love to go too. I can barely stand the envy I have of all the sights you saw and the things you did. I only wish my craft room could aspire to the likes of Chantal's. She must work (I mean play) day and night with so much beautiful stuff and in such a fabulous room.

Impatient Cajun

Geralyn Gray said...

Oh what a great group to share such a dreamy place and supplies. You did a great job showing every detail of the fun you had. I love your play tassle. 2 months until I get to see Silver Bella pictures. Even if I can't attend these events I do enjoy the pictures!

The French Bear said...

Wow!!!! You all made beautiful cards, awww, I loved them all. Must have been such fun, I wish I was there!!!! What a fantastic way to spend time together!!!! Please, share more!!!!
Hehehe... after you rest, I guess!!!
Margaret B

A Fanciful Life said...

Oh, wow! Those little cards are so sweet. And what beautiful tassels you all made. But I must say, that studio is to die for... what heaven it must be to spend time in there. You had the most incredible time! And to top it off, you had such a neat and organized little corner - lol! I like things to be neat too, but the bit and bobs and glitter sure do take up space when you're in a productive mode. So glad you had this wonderful experience!
Sharon :-)

NicNacManiac said...

Such an idyllic setting to let your creative juices flow!! Chantel really thought of all the details. Payton will love the tassel with the Thank You ribbon, so thoughtful!! Your card is so romantic with the JOY dictionary page, the velvet and it!! xOxO Nerina :)

DeeDee said...

uh yeah..I had a blast...I need to try to make this next year ..what a great ime this looks like to me...Please invite me ...pleae..hehehe! thanks for letting us join you...great pics

Cindy said...

I haven't seen anything like this for such a long time. What a blast. What are you going to do with them? Let's have an echange?

Teacup Mosaics said...

YOU HAVE BEEN BUSTED! The fun police are on their way to take you away:) Ohhhhh I am so green with envy too much fun and all the pretties. I am so happy such talented artist are willing to share their talents. Really happy you had such a wonderful time and if I have to torture you for the secrets I will.
Time for you to get back to work:)
Enjoy! Kelley

kana said...


I love your "J" pretty!

Draffin Bears said...

What a lot of fun Jodie, and just love seeing your creative cards and tassels you made.
Looks like a fun group of Ladies and how nice to see the lovely ~ Miss Jodie in two of the photos.
I really loved the idea of the keys of the old typewriter, who would have thought!
thanks for sharing, your fun time.

Hugs & have a good week

miss lynn said...

ohmygosh. you lucky
girl! thanks for the
photos of all your
fun!! love the tassel!
your niece is so going
to love it!
happy day!

Jane said...

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!!! You all look like you were having so much fun and the projects were beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing with was the next best thing to being there.

The Victorian Parlor said...

What fun!!! I know you guys had a great time and I love all of the beautiful creations that resulted! Now I'm inspired and ready to start creating myself:).



Sares said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I love all the bits and bobs you had to work with. Congratulations to your niece. I'm sure she'll adore her ribbon. Hope you have a great Labor Day!

Emily-Claire said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! You are all so very talented. Thank you for sharing this!

GWEN said...


Karen said...

Oh what a fun time!!!! It looks like you had a blast! Now I am really ANTSY about attending my workshop in 2 weeks! YAY!
Did you do the card for Thad?
Yours looks AWESOME!
Ahhhh, Sophie is going to feel so left out . . .

:) Hugs!

LiLi M. said...

Oh everybody seem to have such a great time. Well you had a perfect hostess who thought of everything! On top of that everybody left with the most beautiful art works. An event to remember...

Hope Ellington said...

Oh my goodness....what fun! I have been anticipating the projects and they were better than I could have ever imagined. So awesome...I love the typewriter keys on the tassles.

zandra said...

Looks like you girls had way to much fun! So glad, you got some you time! Such an awesome weekend thanks for sharing the creations!
Hugz, Z

icandy... said...

What a fun time you all had~ and such a dreamy atmosphere!!!! Looks like heaven to me!

Payton said...

Oh, Aunt Jodie thank you SOOO MUCH for the tassel. I reallly love it. I ended up putting it on the front door of my entertainment center (hanging on the handle) that way everyone can see it and I can tell them that my wonderful Auntie Jodie created it just for me!! It's so pretty.
I love you,
Payton. :)

trash talk said...

See, this is why I can't do anything artistic besides having no talent. I would just want to sit and touch everything and not glue or staple a thing! Plus, and this is a big plus, I'm like you...I'd constantly be cleaning up the glitter. I can't handle "piles" which drives Cat Daddy crazy...he loves big ol' piles of everything. Guess that's why he married me!
Love the tassels and how sweet of you to give it to your girl. Congratulations to her on the homecoming court. It's so much fun to hear about teenagers doing teenage things!
Girl, you are too stinking cute. Get in front of that camera more...I'll show you how when you come to Zapp. Don't fight it...go with the flow and vogue!
Now for your reprimand...don't be talking about the skeletons in my closet with your "excess baggage" talk! I can't afford any plastic surgery at this time, but I'm saving for lipo!

cindy said...

Hey I recognize those pretty faces! Looks like y'all had a blast!

yapping cat

Anonymous said...

How gracious of a hostess Chantal is!
I do believe you have met someone who enjoys giving, creating, sharing, in such a grand way, with a huge heart....
like you!
I love the name Tidbits & Tassels!
Maybe Payton could go with you for the next one!