Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anything For a Friend...

I got an email.

Well actually, let me start from the beginning. While reading Stephanie's blog (who is hosting a Silver Bella swap which I missed out on somehow), she politely wrote in one of her recent blog posts:

"My Bella friend Jodie is so computer savvy, maybe she could 'whip out' a swap button for the ladies participating in my swap."

Moi? Geez Steph, I wouldn't go that far...I'm just a regular blogger, I'm nothing like those talented people out there, not even close.

But suddenly my head started to swell, my broad shoulders reared back and I thought I could handle this, it is on!

This is the deal...

Number one ~ I'm bummed that I missed out on the sign up of her swap. I must have been EATING at 12 noon!

Number two ~ I am SO not computer savvy...I just fake it.

Number three ~ I could NEVER tell my Bella friend "no" for anything or for any reason (within the legal limit ;)

Sooo, I clicked on my trusty old Photoshop icon and started playing working away. After much sweat and tears (thank goodness no blood) because this is a BELLA project, I knew I had to give it my ALL!  This button will be present on some of the most talented blogs in blogland...oh the pressure!

To make a long story short,

20 minutes later, this is what I 'whipped out'...


I got another email.

Stephanie LOVED it! She's happy, I'm happy.

So if anyone is reading this and you have signed up for Stephanie's Silver Bella Sassy Bella Stash Swap, (whew, say that fast!) please feel free to add this button to your side bar.

If you did, I'd be one honored computer savvy swollen headed, {but regular} blogger! tee hee



KayEllen said...

Beautiful job looks great:)

Have a wonderful swap and I am sure she is tickled beyond words with what you designed!!


Sares said...
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Sares said...

Sorry I completely screwed up that comment! What I MEANT to say was, if you could whip that great looking button up in nothing flat like that, you have to have SOME computer saviness!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. This swapping is too complicated for me. Guess I will leave it for the youngsters. Love you all. Blessings

vintage at heart said...

WOW!! I am impressed!!! I think you are more savvy than you think girl!!!!! Love your design!!!

miss lynn said...

holy stink, jodie.
this is beautiful.
now, let me tell you
how non computer i
really am. at first
i totally thought
you were talking about
a button that you
wear! haaaaa!
it's gorgeous.

Lou Cinda said...

Jodie! I am so impressed! This is absolutely gorgeous! I can barely eek out a post and add a few photos! So I totally admire your ability AND determination to tackle AND accomplish this task!!!

You ROCK girl!

Now I know where to go when I have a question......

Lou Cinda :)

June said...

I agree with the Lou Cinda, I can barely turn my computer on, and here you are creating lovely buttons with yours. OK now I really do worship you.

lorhen82 said...

Jodie, you did a great job on this badge! Nice work! Go ahead...let that ol' head swell!!! ~Lori

Stephanie O. said...

Your post just made me giggle---You are in denial girl because YOU are computer savvy!!

Draffin Bears said...

She sells sea shells on the sea shore! I always think that was a hard

Oh Jodie you are the best and so talented.
What a lovely button you made for the swap.

Have a great day.

Debby said...

WOW!!! Jodie the button is awesome, you are the best. I am so sad I missed this swap, would have been so much fun to participate.

Cherie Wilson said...

Wow!! Jodie you did so wonderful on Steph's stash swap design!! You are officially an expert in my book girl. XO Cherie Wilson

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

How nice! I don't think that the other swaps have buttons, you might be starting a trend! Its a good idea.