Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to my Jungle...


DSC_0001 (4)

Helloooo...I'm over here...behind the lens!

Don't go in there! Trust may never come out!

I was MIA for the past two days and NO ONE came looking for me! Shame on ya'll...weren't ya'll worried about me? Yeah right!

This is what I tackled in the last 48 hours. For those who know me, you know I HATE to sweat. I dislike the sun. I HATE bugs. I dislike yard work. So for those who did not know that about me before I disclosed that information...I hope you still love me and what you are about to see is horrifying...(but with a good ending!)

Let me start from the beginning. Grilling season (my favorite season) has started so Thad and I purchased a new outdoor grill and barbeque pit. (We have to do that about every other year as we wear the heck out them.) Tuesday night, we decided to invite Mother-in-law over to eat a steak with us. Now look closely at this picture and what do you see WRONG with it?

DSC_0001 (3) Okay...I'll tell you what's wrong with our grilling and Q deck...

First of all, the wisteria has taken over the pergola and deck that one could hardly enter without being attacked by it's little feeders.

Secondly, see those little plastic chairs stacked on one another? They were rotten so even if we did get in there, we wouldn't have had anything to sit on!

Thirdly, there were wasps! Didn't I tell you that I HATE bugs?

The three of us had to sit on the back porch to grill some steaks. Pitiful I tell you. But let me add that the steaks came out great! :)

So I took off of work on Wednesday and Thursday and ventured into my jungle, turning our grilling deck into a more peaceful place to sit, cook and relax....

BEFORE: (Wednesday morning) eeewww!

DSC_0001 (2)

AFTER: (Thursday evening) aaahhhh!

DSC_0008 (2)

1. Pressure washed cement and all three decks

2. Replaced rotten plastic chairs with new metal & mesh chairs

3. Disposed of old grill and barbeque pit & added new ones

4. Trimmed wisteria and rerouted feeders towards the west

5. Pulled weeds and put fresh new cypress mulch

6. Got a MAJOR sunburn and used four cans of wasp spray

So let's continue around the deck...

BEFORE: (Wednesday morning) eeewww!

DSC_0002 (2)

AFTER: (Thursday evening) aaahhhh!

DSC_0007 (2)

1. Thinned the purple irises

2. Cut the philodendron

3. Cut the root spurts of the wisteria

Some more you ask? Okaaayyy...

BEFORE: (Wednesday morning) eeewww!

DSC_0003 (2)

AFTER: (Thursday evening) aaahhhh!

DSC_0011 (2)

(this pic makes me laugh as it looks like the deck is leaning over because the wisteria is so heavy...but I'm only standing on a hill!)

1. Cut the philodendron

2. Killed the ants and broke the ant pile (after they bit the s*** out of my feet and ankles)

3. Threw the bird house (full of wasps...used one can alone!)

errrr...didn't I mention that I HATE yard work? I almost threw in the towel here but I was almost through...

I bet you didn't believe me about us having to sit on the back porch to grill huh? Look, at this pitiful photo! You can see the new grill and our chairs still there from Tuesday night! (far left)


Just pitiful...look at that thing in the middle, is that a weed?

Now it's all nice and clean...heck we could grill and eat off of the wood! Now if Thad would only cut the grass! Oh wait, I forgot. He doesn't cut the grass...sister in law does but since it's her birthday weekend, I'll let her off the hook this week. However, the grass will still be waiting for her!  ;)


aaahhhhh!  Would anyone like to join me for steak tonight?

Maybe if you come, you can tell me what to put on my ant bites and my sunburn. And maybe you can convince Thad to start hiring someone to do this because we are getting too old.

Whoever said 38 is the new 28 can kiss my SORE butt! 

:) Thanks for sharing my last 48 hours...I hope you didn't get bit or stung. I really think I killed every bug in the whole 6 acres!

Hey! I think I see a can of wasp spray on the chair for just in case there is anything crawling or flying around!


sepiadreams said...

Aaahhhhh!!! What a great job you did. Looks completely different. I like yard work, but not in the heat,ants or any invisible bug that bites. I had the pleasure the other day of trimming the bushes in my yard and stood smack dab in a middle of an ant pile that I did not know I was in until they were clear up into my crotch and biting the crap out of you know where. I was wearing jeans so of course I didnt even know it. I am sure most of my neighbors now think I am a total pervert out in the front of my house digging in my crotch...Oh well, the scarifices we make for the yard to look good. Who cares how we look at the end of it all. Great Job-now go take a nap!!! Love Tiina...

Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

1. I LOVE before and after pictures.
2. Your hard work really shows.
3. Wasps aren't bugs (I am a Zoology prof.!) so now you can hate wasps and love bugs or vice versa, right? HaHa!
4. Well done!

Belinda said...

Well all is forgiven for that dry spell of no blog.Back yard looks great. You could have called I'd have helped.No steaks this weekend i'm afraid. Great job!!!! Love ya!!

Sares said...

I'm glad you made it out alive! It sounds like you were on a dangerous mission, and the ants and the wasps were the enemy. The end result looks beautiful. Your hard work paid off!

I'm sorry I didn't know you were MIA, but being as how we just met and all, I don't know what sort of blogging schedule you keep, LOL! I don't know how many fellow bloggers spend as much time on the computer as I do, LOL again!

You need to tell your husband your work is done for the summer. All you want to do now is sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Have a great night and I hope your animal wounds heal quickly and with little to no pain or itching.

The Feathered Nest said...

Gorgeous!!! What a wonderful outdoor space! Sounds like a rough time getting it ready for summer but boy you will reap the rewards enjoying it ~ did you already get an Art Quilting Studio magazine?? I'm dying to see it!! Thanks so much for visiting me ~ xxoo, Dawn

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh, wow!! What a transfomation. You did good. It does look a lot better. Sorry bout the bug bites.

Anonymous said...

That is a LOT of WORK you put up Jodie! Must be one exhausting day. Oh but well worth it, I tell you. :-)So sorry 'bout the sunburn. But hey, the next time you invite family/friends for a b-b-q (hopefully soon), you can tell them all the hard work you've done :-)Or, you don't have to cause they already noticed and complimented you for it :-)

Cher said...

Great job, girl! If you did windows too, I'd divorce my husband and marry you (in some states, anyway)!

The Texas Woman

lorhen82 said...

Girl, you clean up good! I'm with you...I love looking at sunshine, but I avoid it like the plague! I hate being hot, and humidity is the WORST! And bugs...forget about it!!!

However, it is a beautiful world in the summer, and you have a great spot to enjoy it! Great job - I'm proud of you for biting the bullet! ~Lori

Kelli said...

You did an amazing job and I know how much hard work it is...good for you! What a beautiful outdoor space you have!

June said...

Wow Jodie, is that what a person can do when they sweat a little. You are so hired. When can you be here? There will be a lot to do here after the children leave.

I love your grilling space. What a great place to enjoy the evenings. I take mine m rare.

Love your visits.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

What a wonderful job you did and you must be feeling very proud of yourself.
We have wisteria growing and it does take over. Our's is just loosing all the leaves and I have been out today gathering up all the leaves.

I can relate to the BBQ, they do wear out - my husband went out and turned it on and realized the bottom part had worn through. We will need to go and buy another.

Have a fabulous weekend

trash talk said...

First off, what does s*** spell? Spit? I thought so.
Second...OMG! You got all that done in 2 days? I've been working for over a week and I can't see any difference. WTF! What am I doing wrong.
Of course it doesn't help that I am lazy and tend to loaf when I should be weeding. You obviously do not suffer from ADD like I do. You just jumped right in and showed those critters who was boss.
It is a beautiful spot to sit and relax, so fix you something cool with an umbrella in it and bask in the awe of your readers. BTW, we girls in the south don't sweat, we glisten, remember?

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wow, such energy, it all looks great. Your outdoor living space is wonderful. One thing I have learned about the south in the 2 years I have been here is,,,EVERYTHING grows like CRAZY. I hate the bugs too. I had sugar ants invade my kitchen this morning. But if that is the extent of my problems, life is not bad at all. Thanks for your comment on my blog,,,ps..I have no tooth pain at all. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh you have me laughing! Everything looks great! You did an amazing job! No doubt you needed a long soak in a tub after all of that work but the end result was worth every ant bite and sore muscle! BTW, I have been told that the best medicine for bee stings or ant bites is pluff mud from the marshes. I've never tried it myself but if you are brave enough to get some I have heard that it works well. If you aren't willing to go digging for pluff mud in the marshes a few beers will also help (drink them-don't put them on the ant bites:). Let's face it everything seems better after a beer (or a glass of wine:). BTW, what time is dinner? The steaks sound delicious!



Frippery said...

You kicked but girl! It looks fabulous. Wish I lived closer, I'd hop on over for some iced tea. I love wisteria. I want more pics when it blooms, please. Joe and I still do all of our yard work ourselves so I don't want to hear any whining from a young un like you. I even laid a brick patio by myself when Joe was out of town. I have to say I am not found of wasps, and we have these really creepy flying roach kind of things that come out of the woods on spring evenings. Now THAT I hate!
Your work was worth it, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor. Love ya, Pam

leon9801 said...

It is 9:15 am on Saturday and I know you are stilling sleeping. After the last 2 days, you should sleep till noon, at least. You go girl, good job. When you get out of bed this morning, you can now go and laze away the day on your beautiful deck area. Have a good day.

Impatient Cajun

Rochelle said...

Wow, such a transformation! Gotta love those pressure washers and pruning shears! That's what I'm about to do today on this nice sunny day...get rid of all the green mildew on our deck from the winter..and wash those outside windows! :)
Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda said...

Jodie!!! Girl I am so IMPRESSED!! This looks great!! I can't believe you got all that done in 2 days!!! Amazing! That's what perseverance will do for ya'! Or just plain stubborness! I love it and wish I could sit out there and have a beverage with you and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Lou Cinda

Anonymous said...

Home and Gardens! You work toooooo hard, but boy it looks great.....
Bet you are happy it is done... its always rewarding to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
Don't get dehydrated!!! 'haha'
You really do 'make your life' the way you want to live!!!
Luv ya!