Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a few finds...

I don't have any fresh flowers to show you like most of the lovely blogs I read, so here are my fake ones to greet you today...

DSC_0141 (2)

{Having fake flowers doesn't mean that I love you any less!}

To everyone who has stopped here to read about my recent travels, or to read about little Bella Marie, or to share in Joy's Blog Party...I want to thank you so kindly. I have met some wonderful people and I appreciate all of the sweet comments!

I wanted to share with you my latest finds...this is just a few as I have saved most of it. I scored on a huge stash of vintage jewelry Saturday morning while at a local garage sale but they are all cleaned, bagged and saved. Yes, I forgot to take pictures. I'm bad. And if you scroll down a couple of will see my score of vintage velvet ribbon too. (my favorite so far of the year!)

DSC_0130 (2)

A stash of player piano rolls! Found this in New Orleans at a yard sale after picking up Sandy at the airport. I bought 12 rolls (every last one of them). They are great for collage and other paper art.

DSC_0137 (2)

One role is included in the vintage bundle that I am donating for little Bella Marie's raffle. Don't forget to go here and purchase a ticket before May 31!!! They have GREAT prizes to win from generous donors!!! We are almost up to $1000!!! We need you!!!

DSC_0135 (2)

Now I really need help on this precious box below. I know it's OLD because I purchased it from an OLD man who said it belonged to his grandmother who passed away over 25 years ago! (let me add that it was still filled with her old lipsticks...eeww) I am not too familiar with lucite nor celluloid. But I do think it's one of the two. On the inside of the top lid there is a mirror and under it reads "patent pending" Rialto products, N.Y.  Any help???

Note: Yes the little drawers swing out opposite each other, Debbie (Mrs. Trash Talk) seems to think that it's from the 50's! Thanks Deb!

DSC_0124 (2)

This little plate has no name...I just love the colors (& the little strawberries). As for the bottle, I am going to slap a vintage label on it with some velvet ribbon. It'll be  eye candy for my studio!

DSC_0129 (2)

These little rusty capped jelly jars were a steal...10 cents a piece! Rust and all! So as I separated by buttons this past weekend and I sorted them out in these cute little jars. And see these earring above and below? They are velvet! Yes! Velvet earrings!!! Yay!

DSC_0121 (2)

Now I really really really love this little velvet salmon colored jewelry box. I found it at a local thrift store and I asked Sandy if she saw it, she said yes but she passed it up. She's crazy I tell you but I love her to death because it would have been horrible if we would have started a fight over it. I think she is scared of me anyway...I am much bigger than she is! ;)

{You can read about mothers and daughters fighting over garage sale finds here...I know, who'd of thought but it's so funny! I had to post about it June...I just couldn't help myself.}

The beautiful platter above I scored at a yard sale on Saturday. Made in occupied Japan...woo hoo! And the oil & vinegar bottles are perfect for housing my glass glitter!!!

Edit: I listed these as salt & pepper bottles...Debbie (Mrs. Trash Talk made the correction...ya'll really do read my blog don't ya'll?) Thank YOU!!!

I love storing new things in vintage items!!! Old jars, hat boxes, cigar boxes, sewing machine drawers, suitcases...

I think someone should host a party about vintage storage! Anybody taking the bait???


miss lynn said...

hey bella big sister,
well done on the garage
sale finds! LOVE IT!
do you have any pics
of your studio hiding
in blogland? i'd love
to see it...btw i
screwed up my moo cards
- wrong blog address...
what an idiot. i'm
working on getting them
fixed. aaaahhh. see, i
so need you!
happy day.
miss lynn

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Jodie, you make me want to go garage sale shopping right now!! I'm going to go check the paper right now to map out a schedule to hit as many as I can. I hope I can find half of what you came home with!

Cher said...

I enjoyed your paper plate tour! Very cute idea!

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

So much to comment on, where to start? Love the oil & vinegar bottles?, the boxes of piano rolls(especially the color of the boxes, 2die4), the velvet case, oh heck, everything!
Does the little white jewelry case swing out. I think I it may be from the 50's.
You really did find some great things and if I get to come sometime soon, will you help me score as well. I'm really starting to get the junking jonesin' .

Patti's Artful Design said...

Love your finds! Have you read the magazine, "Where Women Create?"
I just read a copy. These women know how to organize their finds and their art supplies! Have fun with your treasures.

lorhen82 said...

Great finds Jodie! ~Lori

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Jodie ~ love your finds especially the little velvet box. As for fake flowers...I have tons of them in my home and I love them. I know alot of people don't like them, but the ones I have are so realistic! Nothing beats fresh, but in between them are my fakes! (*_*) ~Stacy~

June said...

Hi Jodie,
You really found some treasures. I want to tag along with you. I'll behave, really I will. That little velvet case is sooo pretty. And those rusty lids are great. You have such a good eye for sorting out the good stuff. I thought it was sweet of you to link back to me for the shopping with daughter lesson. I really love your fake, or should I say faux flowers.

Anonymous said...

hey chick!! Love those jewelry boxes!! I am selling mine! well most of them! I still have a large red one that I cant decide if I want to part with! LOVE that little plate so cute! hey if you ever find any milk glass call me asap! I am looking for the small little bowls!! I think you have a velvet problem! haha but I guess that is better then the drinking prob.hahaha dang crown! well anywho off to clean the little cottage! hugs


Carla said...

Jodie I came here to say thank you for stopping by my blog, then read about Bella Marie. I have a daughter who has just turned one and reading of Bella marie made me cry. I want to help in some way--what can I do?

Debby said...

Hi Jodie, I have really enjoyed this post and seeing all of your wonderful goodies. Such a pleasure to come by for a visit.

shelia poole said...

Love your garage sale finds. Your blog is very enjoyable. I will be back...shelia

shelia said...

Love your garage sale finds. Your blog is very enjoyable. I will be back...shelia

The Victorian Parlor said...

I'll take the bait! I am the queen of creative storage-lol! Since we live in a small 1200 square foot cottage storage is at a premium so one must get creative:) I use everything from vintage suitcases, to hat boxes, vintage jars, purses, baskets, even a vintage laundry hamper! I love being creative with storage:)

As for your wonderful finds-wow! Love the velvet earrings and box and that beautiful plate-gorgeous! I love seeing the wonderful treasures that others find on their thrifting and yard saling adventures:)



Linda said...

You find the most wonderful things! Great ideas. :)


Ragamuffin Gal said...

These beautiful pictures make me drool ~ ChArMing & LoVeLy!

Stephenie said...

What amazing treasures!!!! Love the picture of the flowers...I can't wait for the garage sales to start around here...
I miss the paper plate tours..

Anonymous said...

YOu sure found lots of treasures to add to your collection :-)Lot's of projects on store? :-)

You and Sandy sure had a fun tour. The places you've been through are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. And I bet everyone is saying wishing they wre there too lol.