Monday, April 13, 2009

So much is happening this week!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend. I sure hope the Easter Bunny was good to you and left you plenty of chocolate!

Thank you to all who stopped in and left me and my family Easter wishes and blessings...we are so appreciative to know that ya'll are thinking of us!

Okay, So what's happening you ask? Well let me tell ya~

I mailed my Pink & Green Swap Box off to Kelley today! Now, I'll just sit back and wait for my goodies to arrive! She's driving me crazy with all of the pretty sneak peeks she's posting. Waiting for my box will not be as easy as it seems as I really am squirming in my pants! ;)

DSC_0132 (2)

Another box went out today of the sweetest girls I met at Silver Bella last year is having a birthday this week! I made her a little surprise to let her know I'll be thinking of her while she blows out ALL of those candles on Saturday! ;)

DSC_0225 (2)

Tonight at 8:00 sharp, I'll be registering for Silver Bella 2009!! I had so much fun last year with all of the new friends I we are going to see each other again!! And of course, take all of the yummy classes offered by the best artists around!


And, my sweet little niece is having her 16th birthday on Wednesday! Sweet sixteen! Happy Birthday Week Payton! Aunt Jodie has a little sumpthin' sumpthin' for you!!!

                          DSC_0045 (3)

And, last but not least, I'll be gearing up for a huge crawfish boil here at home for some friends on Friday night. Yummy!!!


So I hope your week is full of people you love and full of things you love to do.

I will be posting more on the Pink & Green Swap & the Birthday goodies as soon as I know they are received. I don't want to spoil any surprises!

Until then, I'll try to sit back and relax and certainly enjoy reading about what you are up to!!! {so post & keep me busy!}


lorhen82 said...

Well Jodie, the Easter Bunny doesn't visit my house anymore. I hope it's not because I've been bad! ~Lori

Stephanie O. said...

Okay, you gotta let me know what classes you are in. Just finished registering and put my schedule on my blog. I hope we have @ least one together. But, if not we'll still get to spend time together...Hooray!!

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

I hope to go to sb someday soon! I would love to go, just too chicken to fly!

pinkroses said...

Can't wait to see you in November!
xo suzanne

trash talk said...

Girl, that crawfish looks good! I'm glad y'all had a wonderful did we.
I didn't know our girl's birthday was this week!
I'll have to think about that one. Thanks for the heads up.

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh my you are a busy girl this week. I must admit I am very green (with envy) that you are going to the Silver Bella seminars. You will have to tell me all about it. I can't wait for our packages to arrive, oh such fun. Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

I'm all signed up for SB too...I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jodie! What do you have in that precious little bag for the pink/green swap?!!! :) The crawfish looks absolutely delicious! I can almost 'smell' the aroma and feel the spicy heat off of them! Your pictures are pretty close to feeling like we can just step right into them! Excellent photography and quality!
I miss yall, and wish I was there... Have fun! OXoxOXox Karen

The Victorian Parlor said...

My goodness you are so busy! The crawfish looks great! What time is supper?