Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small treasures...

These are just a few of the little things I bought while rummaging through the 7 mile yard sale, I promised I'd show you...

  • A couple of cigar boxes {I love pretty storage!}
  • A small rose plate
  • A footed coffee cup {I have someone in mind for this one!}

DSC_0173 (2)

  • Some bits and pieces of silverware

DSC_0176 (2)

Look at the close up of the handle of the small fork...so cute!

DSC_0175 (3)

  • A deck of cards by Hallmark...


I love the old look of the face cards and especially the Jokers!!!


  • And some old books...

DSC_0180 (2)

Including a Chinese? Japanese? book which I have no idea what it says, oh my. I just like the look of it...maybe I could collage with it as long as it's nothing nasty!!! haha 

And an old Webster's Dictionary from 1958.

DSC_0183 (2)

There's a few more little things that I have already saved which I did not photograph such as 2 demitasse cups {Lefton} and an old cotton table cloth.

So I am back from Texas and I had a VERY good time...more on that later. I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures but maybe I can sneak the latest picture of Ella Jane soon!

Hope you are having a great week so far and don't forget that tomorrow is April Fool's Day!!!!


Frippery said...

Jodie, Great goodies. I really love the cards. Check out my blog tomorrow as I am posting about my friends to the south. HMMM, I wonder who that could be. Really, it is so much fun to be blogging and getting to know people you wouldn't meet otherwise. I am sending an email link to a fun or maybe disturbing post about boudin. I know you will love it. Love ya, Pam

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

I love the old books and the dishes and silverware!


lorhen82 said...

Hi Jodie! I LOVE old books and dictionaries! You should go back into my archives from Jan. 14 and look at the encycolpedia I found (last picture on that post). It's engraved leather, and it's SO cool! It looks like you had a fun day! ~Lori

Rachel said...

I'm still jealous of your yard sale adventure! I went to the crapiest, CRAPIEST estate sale ever the other day- no fun at all I tell ya. The cards are great, you know I'm not one for red but they are cute as can be!

Any big plans for tomorrow?? I'm thinking about scaring the hubs, lol.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Great stuff! I love the silver the books! I love the look of mixed silver patterns as it makes the settings so much more interesting:) Can't wait to see the rest of the stuff and the pictures of Ella Jane (that name is just beautiful:)

June said...

Hi Jodie, Your treasures are great. Just my thing! I love the table cloth you photographed the plate and silver on too. Did you have a great time playing with Ella Jane? Thank you so much for the compliments on my decor. Great coming from you.
Big hug

Anonymous said...

Hi! (Yes, at library!) I love the little flower icons.... I hadn't notice anything like those before. Sounds like you had lots of fun gathering/collecting/buying to give away at the garage sales. :)
I know you are recovering from shopping till you drop for Penny!!! No doubt her house will like it could be in the Southern Living magazine! Anyway... gotta go, yep, I am being tapped on the shoulder. AUGH! I so enjoy reading your blog Jodie. I do believe I could easily get addicted. Love you, and had fun seeing all of yall. Karen

Stephenie said...

I just love all your treasures...Those books are tdf!!!! The footed teacup is so darling..That silverware is so pretty also...