Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feathered Friend Visitors...


DSC_0147 (4)

Did I mention in my last post that it was a rainy weekend and I had no commitments and no plans? Well, it has been a wonderful weekend thus far. I was able to spend lots of time in my play room creating. Not sure if I accomplished much but I sure enjoyed it, rain and all. With that said...I'd like to share a story with you that happened yesterday:

DSC_0146 (3)

On Saturday mornings, I usually wake up EARLY to hit all the garage sales in my small town. Well, being that it was raining and cold, I opted to sleep late. Late? like maybe 8:00 is late for me. So when I woke up, I begged hubby to go to town and get me some boudin for breakfast. When he came home, he said "Hey Baby, come outside and bring your camera. I think this would be something pretty to blog about." Wondering what the heck a man would think of as "pretty" caught my attention quickly and my boudin was suddenly put on hold. With camera in hand and no shoes nor jacket, I followed him out the front door.

To much delight, our front yard was filled with egrets...

DSC_0146 (2)

Great Egrets or Common Egrets as they are called because of their distinct yellow bill. They are not to be confused with the Snowy Egret with it's black bill. Did you know the difference? 

DSC_0146 (4)

Sorry for the blur but my zoom is not so large...

These birds are common to Louisiana but are mostly located in our wetlands. Egrets feed on crawfish, mice, insects, lizards...ALL of which reside in our yard!

After startling some of the above that were semi-close to the house, they flew away...

DSC_0147 (2)

but shortly landed again in another area of the yard.

DSC_0148 (4)

It was an early morning serene scene to say the least.  It's times like these when I wished I had a hell of a zoom lens to capture the crisp details of these beautiful birds.

{I'll have to add the lens to my Christmas wish list!}

Hope you had a wonderful and fulfilling weekend too!


The Victorian Parlor said...

Beautiful pics:) I love egrets! Thanks for the lesson on the different types-I did not know that about them:) It sounds like your weekend was very nice-it has been a productive weekend here too!

frippery said...

Gorgeous birds. We have nothing like that here. Hawks are about as big as it gets. However they do not do any hanging out on the ground. I must ask what boudin is. I saw it at our local outdoor market and knew it was a Louisiana thing but...? Please 'splain it to me Jodie. Thanks, Pam PS I did buy some Irish Bangers to make Bangers and Mash tomorrow in my quest to be faux Irish.