Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inspirational blog hopping...


Come with me please, I want to share something with you...

                     angel guardian with girl crossing stream

When I curl up at my computer, there is nothing more that enlightens my soul than when I enter a blog that just feels so inviting that I could spend hours and hours browsing through beautiful pictures and reading personal journals of creative and inspirational women. It is absolutely addicting no doubt, but in a totally positive way, which is always good for any soul.

During this "resolution" season, I've been truly inspired by the soul searching goals of some of these women. Not only goals set for the new year, but life goals as some have passionately called them.

I'd like to share some links to these wonderful little havens that have deeply inspired me in hopes that they will enlighten your soul and help you set your footsteps pointing towards the positive path that leads you to achieving your goals...whatever they may be.

Just follow the angels please...


Pam of Frippery

                      angels sitting on roof 

Pam is celebrating her 100th post not only with encouraging words to live by for 2009 but she is also hosting a wonderful give away for those who leave a comment on her blog on the link below. Be Real, Create, & Participate...go ahead, take a look.



Tiffany of ShabbyScraps

                      angel guarding baby in crib

Tiffany is such an inspiration to me as she was one of my very first blog friends, my very first swap sister and my idol of one day having a beautiful blog of my own that hopefully one day others will enjoy. The link below is one of her favorite posts of last year and it is still her inspiration for 2009...



Sandi of Victorian Gypsy

                     angel lady dressed as angel in aqua gown

Sandi is surely a Victorian Gypsy at heart but her feet are planted firmly on solid ground. With strong family traditions and a creative mind, she has a whimsy about her all her own. The link below is a testament of wanting to live life with intention...



Sandra Evertson

                    angel with red beret and lute

Speaking of whimsy, Sandra Evertson has to be the whimsy-est (if that's a word) of them all. Her posts are the most creative, mind-blowing, greatest mini stories ever! And, her photography is over the top! And besides being an artist, an author, having her own rubber stamp line, being a contributing editor to many publications and who knows what else is up her sleeve,  she still has the time to bring her creative world to us through her blog...she's simply the best! 



I hope you enjoyed your visit to the world of these truly inspiring, creative and talented women whom I visit frequently. My visits are always positive, always inspiring and always refreshing to my soul. 

These are the places where I get my inspiration to be the creative person I want to be...and still be me.



Frippery said...

Jodie, Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind encouragement. Blogging is the greatest. Between blogging and Silver Bella 2008 was one of my most enriching. I have "met" so many people who think alike that it wouldn't have been possible to meet otherwise. I am going to read the posts you have linked for inspiration because if you have been touched by them I will be too. Thanks again soul sista! Pam

Diane said...

Jodie, Thanks for popping in on my Blog I hope you bookmark me to come back. I sure have enjoyed yours. I think 2009 is going to be a year for meeting new blog friends (:
Hugs, Diane

stephanie said...

Just stopped by to see how you are doing. I'll definitely have to check out the blogs you list. I can do with some inspiration! Who can't??? Happy January, girlie...

Sandi said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful things you said about me and the other bloggers. I feel so honored to be in such company! You are a sweetie.

Geralyn Gray said...

I am inspired by those 4 blogs too. And I was sick for New Years too!!!! I'm sure we got the rest needed. So. I think we won't be spending the year that way. We just were inspired more that's all. Hey---you are the winner of the postcard giveaway. Are those real postcard images or scan. I would hate to give one up--but I was able to buy a few of the cards like the ones you posted. Tell me if you really really would want one and I'll include it with the other postcards. My email is greetingsfromgeralyn@gmail.com