Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day After Christmas...

EVERYONE goes shopping the day after Christmas right?

Not me...never. I am usually busy with cleaning the house or I have family staying over for the holidays. And besides, I really really really hate fighting people in the isles and waiting in long check out lines. I don't need to buy anything that bad.

This year everyone left early and I really had no mess to clean so I decided I'd venture out with my cousin Sonya to have a nice and relaxing day of catching those wonderful sales I always hear about but have never seen.

Instead of unbelievable sales, I caught the rear end of a Chevrolet Tahoe with a huge hitch I might add.


What sucks about this is ... this is my first accident that is MY fault. Now I can never have the glory of telling my 20 year old son that I have NEVER hit anyone, that I am the most perfect driver in the world (and he should be like me), and that I ALWAYS drive defensively and keep my eyes on the road. Never again can I say that. I am so sad.

Now, I must admit to the world:

My name is Jodie, I am 38 years old and I have wrongfully hit someone. I no longer have a perfect driving history.

Okay, now that it's done, let me tell you that I hit an ANGEL! Yep, I sure did. I would have never dreamed someone would get out of a vehicle so pretty and smiling and speaking so softly. I asked her if her and her children were okay and she said yes and that SHE was sorry she stopped so suddenly! Her Tahoe didn't have a scratch (as my nose flew under her rear bumper and hooked her hitch). No information was exchanged and no cops were called but I gave her a  hug and then Sonya & I were off to shopping again! I don't know how many times I said "Thank You Jesus!"

So that was my Day After Christmas present to myself yesterday...

You see, I am not complaining as it could have been SO much worse. The Angel (whoever she is) was a blessing to me because I didn't get a ticket, nor is it on my record and no one was hurt.

As for the old Dodge, well, this is another blessing why we own a collision center and I guess I'll just have to sweet-talk hubby into fixing this one for me for free! tee hee! He's a pro with this old car as he just fixed the whole front end a couple of months ago. (An accident that was NOT my fault, thank you very much!)

So anyway, blessings were abound this weekend...this is my loot from the "so called" sales.

DSC_0108 (2)

I don't know about the sales that you found if you went shopping, but here honestly, there were none to speak of. So, I found most of this at my favorite store in whole world and used my Christmas gift card from my son to buy me some goodies...

Thanks Brett, I had some fun shopping but please don't forget that I am still a PERFECT mom... just not in a driving sort of way!)

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Anonymous said...

Jodie!!! I found you!! I saw something on Stephanie Oylers blogspot to get me to yours. So glad......cause you need a new pic of me~ i looked like I was ready to kick someone's butt in the one from Silver Bella! LOL
I will send you my blog name too hopefully~ if not, e-mail me at
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & sorry about your little "accident!" We in the right business for that though:)
XXOO Love ya~ Cherie Wilson~Indiana Bella:)