Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 4 of my "Birthday Month"

All day garage sale-ing and flea market-ing!


First stop was a city wide garage sale in Breaux Bridge, LA (pronounced brO-bridge for you non-cajun speakers :))

DSC_0042  The shops were all open for business and the sidewalks were covered in tables full of goodies and shoppers from all over!


We walked and dug, walked and dug, walked and bought, and finally we stopped and snacked...yum yum...there is nothing like a sausage po-boy straight from a vendor's trailer & a real Coca-Cola!


I was lucky enough to find lots of little goodies.  Thanks to my wonderful cousin Sonya, she is a "digger" of all unopened and unpacked boxes and "jewer" of anything with a price tag. After we figured out how much she saved me by asking the vendors "what is your lowest price on this item please?"... we both ate for "free"!

I will try and post all my goodies tomorrow (or soon) on my "birthday month" series!

After hitting every table in Breaux Bridge, we traveled about 20 miles to Rayne, LA (pronounced rain)...


The above brick was laying around an old flea market back door and I just couldn't resist staging it for the perfect vintage photo!

Our first stop in Rayne was the...


Have you ever heard of this chain or remember it when you were young? Well, I do and we called it the old "five & dime" store. They have mostly all closed now and I think this store is the only one left in Louisiana! As for the owners, they seemed to be 100 years old (I think they are the original owners). I snuck a picture of him doing book work in his office in the back of the store...he has NO computer!!!!!

Oh how I envy his simple life and love his vintage-ness!


I have to mention however how very sweet they were to let me take pictures so I could share this wonderful little time capsule of a store with you. Get ready, there are lots of pictures ahead...keep your eyes open and mouth closed so you don't drool all over your key board! Ready? Here we go...

For the love of ribbon & buttons, any and all ribbons & buttons... 90% vintage new old stock! (NOS as I call it!)


Are you okay so far? Take a breath... Do you love seam binding?


Seam binding so vintage that you can see original package pricing and his white price stickers with the mark up of inflation!!!! (He forgot to price the top fourth green one from 75 cents to $1.55!)

DSC_0056 (2)

Embroidery and crochet let me tell you, if you can't find the color you need here, you just don't need it!


Okay, if that didn't get you excited, here are a couple more little snippets of the store...if you want more, just email me!



Let's not forget about the inflation of curlers... (25 cents to $5)


Some things are still cheap but do you know of any kids today that play Cowboys & Indians?? I know mine didn't...he was stuck behind his X-box! And soldiers? Let me not go there!

DSC_0075    DSC_0076

And I was out the door with bags of goodies only spending a little over $16 . The vintage cash register only registers up to $9.99! Now a days, they must use an adding machine!


This is a close up of the note on the register...


And finally, this is their shopping bags at the front door for your shopping convenience...

Note how the linoleum floor is totally worn out at the entrance/exit of the store...I just love it!


I have about 23-25 more pictures of this store alone, but I think this post is long enough. If you would like to see more pictures such as vintage toys, vintage baby clothes, or vintage kitchen items, just let me know and I can email them to you. On the other hand if you have patience, I am sure that when I won't have anything to post about at a later date, I may post about this five and dime store again and show some new pictures!

We also visited a huge flea market in an interesting old downtown building today, but again that will be another post on another day!

Thanks for sharing my Saturday with me and hopefully I will get around to posting my purchases soon!

I am off to a hot bath...what a day! I am pooped out!


The Scribe of Notting Hill said...

Damnit you are so lucky living somewhere you can get all that stuff!

We're just renovating our kitchen using old 1950s aluminum units which we're polishing up ourselves (as you can see at English Rose Kitchen) and I would die to have all the trimmings so readily available.

Keep up the good work!

The Feathered Nest said...

JODIE!!!! Lisa just told me about this ol' store and that you girls are going to meet there!!!! I wish I could come!!!! OMYGOODNESS!!!! girl, I would be raking stuff into my "basket"!!!!! Post more, post more.....hugs and love, Dawn