Monday, September 8, 2008

Ella Jane is Here!!!


My little niece has arrived...

9lbs 9oz. born Thursday, September 4th

I am so blessed that I was able to travel to Texas and be present to share this wonderful little miracle God has blessed my little brother and his wife with. My little brother's life has changed as he knew it, all in a matter of 24 hours. He had no idea how much joy this little soul would bring to his life until he put her in his arms.

And as he stared through the nursery glass...

             His life has changed

Little did I know how much my life changed also when I stood behind him and watched him gaze upon this angel he has brought into this world for all of us to love!

Little Ella Jane is just so beautiful, so perfect.

She has her mother's dimples when she smiles...

              Sweet Mom

She loves her pacifier, but this one only & no others...

ella's sleeping

She's so happy all of the time, she doesn't cry unless she has a poopy diaper...

ella's home

She doesn't like her arms in the blanket...(above is a RARE photo)

welcome home parents

My little brother and his wife with Ella Jane... two proud parents and a princess

Proud Dad

And I was a proud aunt who hated to leave her today...

Hugs & Kisses from Louisiana!

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fruge said...

Hey Aunt Jodie!!
I absolutely loved the pictures of Ella Jane. They were all so cute. My favorites are the one of my mom holding her and Jacob holding her.
Love, Payton.