Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preparing for Gustav...

Hello friends and family~

As most of you are enjoying a wonderful long Labor Day weekend, possibly heading to the beach for that one last dip or hiking in the mountains or just being a couch potato...I just wanted to let you know that I am jealous!

Louisiana is watching this hurricane very closely, so am I.


Not that I am nervous, but I like to be prepared and be as comfortable as possible without electricity and the comforts of everyday living. We do not evacuate. I know that sounds a little crazy or ignorant. (Somehow CNN seems to pick the most ignorant and stupid people to do a disaster aftermath interview and makes us Southern folk look like total idiots...the majority of us really do speak well and we really do have our front teeth!)  We really feel we need to stay for our personal & our business property. We have been fortunate throughout the previous storms in a way that we were able to repair and fix minor damages during and immediately after the storm which prevented major water damage, unnecessary insurance claims and of course, the dreaded looting. 

Anyhow, this will probably be my last post until after the storm. I hope I don't miss any fun swaps with Silver Bella; I hope I don't miss the birth of my niece/nephew in Texas; I will miss my daily blog reads; and I WILL miss my computer. Okay, I am depressed now after thinking of all the things I might miss, but I have to finish tightening things up around the house such as putting away all of the outside patio furniture, pot plants, gas grill & BBQ the house looks empty!

         DSC00155 (2)

        DSC00157 (2)

        DSC00158 (2)

        DSC00154 (2)

I'm on 6 acres with no trees in close vicinity so the only thing I really have to worry about is shingles and debris. The house is raised on a hill almost 5 feet so flooding shouldn't be a problem. If I flood, then it's really bad! This is our shed above & now it's full of patio furniture,  extra vehicles and everything that we don't want to leave outside. During Hurricane Lilly in 2002, we lost the rear 1/4 of the roof but was able to patch it in between squalls to prevent further water damage of the contents. After the storm was over, we repaired it to it's former state. (I hope this all looks like this after Gustav!) :0

I'm going to miss all of you...I'll be back online after Gustav is finish with his little visit to the coast...provided we have electricity and internet!


Valita said...

Good Luck. Some of my family decided to go ahead and get out since her house flooded last time. They just got money yesterday to raise their home and now they wait to see what or if Gustav does anything. her husband stayed behind ot mind the house and work. Most of my family never leaves either. So blessings!

Anonymous said...

love u all hope we all come out of this ok. thanks for the chain and the invite i love yall your snl bb

shabbyscraps27 said...

hope you are well and safe! email me when you can!
Take care...xoxo, Tiffany